Border quality "butterfly changes" happy life "overtime"

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Theexclusive informationre is no trivial matter of people's livelihood, and branches and leaves always care about affection.In 2023, Red Border Farm Co., Ltd. started with the aspects of improving the living conditions of employees and the masses, improving the convenience of life, creating a livable environment, and ensuring public safety.Looking forward to the problem, a high -quality "people's livelihood answer" was handed over to 10,000 people in the audience.

Anju and warm people's heart

"It's also hot in your house? My family can be warm this year, and that small house is really used." In the past few days, Grandma Li, who lives in the Red Border Farm Co., Ltd., is particularly happy. Everyone talks about her happy things.EssenceIt turned out that the farm Co., Ltd. carried out the heating pipe network this year. Grandma Li's house was built downstairs, which made the temperature of the old house raised.

The farm is reconstructed by heating pipeline network (Photo by Wang Yunhe, CCTV, Wang Yunhe)

The people's livelihood followed the voices of the people, and the people whispered, and I responded.Red Frontier Farm Co., Ltd. focuses on the issues that employees and the masses care about, and make policies in an all -round way, make up for short -board loopholes, and continuously improve the well -being of people's livelihood.In 2023, investment of 3.66 million yuan, 3 new heat exchanges stations, 15 heating adjustments, and renovation of 1184 meters of heating pipelines, solving problems such as leakage of the heating pipelines of residential buildings, old disabled valves, insufficient winter heating capabilities and other problems.Let the residents warm the winter.Investment of 963,000 yuan, 38 residential buildings, replacing roofs and unit doors, repairing exterior walls and basic supporting facilities, not only allowed old buildings to improve the "face value", but also allowed "old residents" to enjoy the "new life".Recently, the fourth management zone tap water renovation project was fully confession, and the clear tap water flowed out of the pipeline."Great, no need to drink muddy water, the farm has given us a great thing!" Bi Wenxiang, an old employee of the fourth management area, said excitedly.In response to the aging of water supply pipelines in the fourth management area and the lack of water quality.612 residents use assured water.

Green Water Qingshan Huinan Livelihood

Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan.In recent years, Red Frontier Farm Co., Ltd. has taken the "forest long system" as the starting point to strengthen the protection of forests, grasslands, and wetland resources, so that the border is blue, the water is clearer, and the mountains are greener.The "green answer sheet" allows the people of frontier workers to enjoy the "green welfare" and "ecological dividends".In 2023, 245.5 acres of trees were completed, and 40,800 plants such as deciduous pine, camphor pine, and sugar cricket were planted. The forest coverage rate reached 32.3%.Self -raised funds of 3.87 million yuan to build a new 200 -ton sewage treatment station, build 4,000 extension rice for water source protection areas, transform the dust bag dust removal facilities and desulfurization and denitrification equipment, and strive to build a beautiful and livable frontier in the living environment.

Planting tree afforestation protection environment (Photo by Wang Yunhe, Wang Yunhe)

"Every fall, I go up the mountain to pick mushrooms and calculate it according to a pound of dried mushrooms. I can earn more than 5,000 yuan after this fall." Zhang Yaping, a retired employee, said with a smile.The good ecological environment not only makes the lives of employees more comfortable, but also provides everyone with the natural conditions of spring digging wild vegetables and mushrooms in autumn.EssenceGreen vitality is the livelihood of the people. Red Border Farm Co., Ltd. is ruled by "river". Starting from the "river", the implementation of the "river long system" is included in the rules and people's treaties.Midea's ecology into the power of the whole people has realized the "last mile" of the river system.The water is even more clear, the fish is more fat, and the fishermen in the frontier enjoy the love of the mother river. Each year, only one fishing can increase the income of nearly 2 million yuan for employees.

Smart life

The night fell, and the dynamic music sounded in Binjiang Park. The square dance organized by employees and the masses was in full swing. Everyone formed a dance team according to their preferences. With the continuous changes in the joyful music, the joyful square dance has become a small town in the frontier town in the frontier townA beautiful landscape.

Sunset Red Art Troupe Writing the Spring Festival couplet (Photo by Wang Yunhe, Wang Yunhe)

Red Border Farm Co., Ltd. strives to improve the level of public cultural services, continuously improves hardware facilities, renovate and revisit the "Double Old" activity center, and add a new reading room, table tennis room, billiard room, fitness room to allow employeesFor rich spiritual and cultural life.At the same time, the cultural resources were unified, and the backbone of the literary and arts were organized to form a literary and artistic group such as the sunset red art troupe, the "double old" art troupe, the instrumental band, and the literary light cavalry.Strive to meet the needs of employees' diversification and multi -level cultural and sports life.A total of 15 types of cultural and sports activities such as hiking walking, outdoor cycling, and employee chess and card competition were held throughout the year.At the same time, combine the inheritance of Manda Culture and traditional festivals, and organize eight cultural activities such as Saiweiho, pull sticks, write spring couplets, and cut windows with border characteristics.The sense of gain and happiness in spiritual and cultural life.

The tree is thousands of feet high, and the water flows for thousands of miles.In the future, Red Border Farm Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on employees and masses, take the infrastructure improvement of the district, improve people's livelihood and well -being, as the starting point and end point of work, do a good job of focusing on people's livelihood, and strive to build boutique people's livelihood projects to make public facilities moreImprove the living environment, and continuously improve the comfort and convenience of the daily life of the staff and the masses, and turn the "happiness vision" of the employees and the masses into "people's livelihood" with actual results.(Wang Yunhe Zou Jitong)

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