The 3rd IngLish National ETP Contest 16 Settlement Interpretation of Education Game Value

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On the 10th,high speed information in sharp contrast to the temperature in the north, the third Inglish national ETP (English Through Piction) of the first educational game activity in China with the theme of "Playing in English and using IngLish".EssenceWith the "Yunfan Canghai Team" on the last bus, all the 16th event will be produced. In the next three weekend, they will launch the final impact to the annual championship.

Yesterday's group stage live broadcast, in the Inglish intelligent English learning solution port, a total of more than 250,000 clicks to watch. The event was fierce and exciting, attracting the attention of English enthusiasts.In addition to the event, the growth of children, the sublimation of friendship, and the heating of parent -child relationships have become an additional harvest of contestants and families, causing discussions on the parent circle.

As a member of the "Yunfan Canghai Team", Aliya from Inner Mongolia played an important role. During the entire event, she completed 214 games, of which 81 times won a single MVP.In more than 600 days for the original reading of Inglish intelligent English learning solutions, more than 450,000 words were read.

Aliya's mother said that in the days when children and partners learn and read together, she is also thinking about what parents need to provide in the growth of their children? "In addition to patience, love, and companionship, provide children to surpass their own opportunities, to surpass their own opportunities, andGiving the right guidance and a sense of ritual in setbacks is also something that parents cannot ignore. "

Before the ETP finals began, Aliya's mother had a "premeditated" planning ceremony for the child, recording an oath, and encouraging her to read it before the game every day.The little ritual inspired the spirit of Aliya's owner. Zhang Luo's friends who were very responsible before the game launched the game on time.

With the owner's consciousness, Ariya will also take the initiative to ask his parents when he encounters a problem, and at the same time he will pay more attention and care about his friends."Since the beginning of the event, Aliya has grown a lot. In order to ensure that every time she has enough time to prepare for the competition, she has made a schedule of the school day and rest day; in insisting on the competition and learningImagination and language expression ability, even developed the ability to do things well at one time, "said Aliya's mother.

Maybe the average age of the team is too small. The vocabulary and response capabilities that everyone masters are not as good as their opponents. Chen Minghao and Chen Mingyuan from Guangdong and Ren Pengxiang from Shandong finally stopped in the top 16.However, during the entire event, they kept a high win rate.Captain Chen Minghao said that in the process of learning English in our daily learning English, the ETP section brought a lot of fun and help in our daily learning.The spirit of resilient and Fearless played out.

The team member Chen Mingyuan and Ren Pengxiang also said, "If you have not perceived your perception, do you want to abandon it?"? Never retreat, never give up, never escape, and bear the burden of humiliation. Creation of miracles in difficulties is not only how we participated in the IngLish National ETP competition.It is also the motto of our daily life and learning.

The difficulty of language learning lies in the accumulation of adherence, and insistence in fun and inspiring learning enthusiasm in interest is one of the underlying logic of the IngLish intelligent English learning solution.According to the relevant person in charge of the organizer of the event, the ETP section is an important sector to learn English through pictures in the Inglish system. The ETP plate is fitted with cutting -edge educational game concepts. Learning English in gamified scenes is in line with the mother tongue environment.The law of language.The ETP competition is based on this sector and upgraded into an educational event. Through the user's online team PK, the children's collaboration ability, observation ability, hands, eyes and ears, and the sensitivity of hands and eyes and earsRemember.

The parents of Ren Pengxiang said that the reason why she supports children to participate in activities like the IngLish National ETP Contest, mainly because children already have a strong self -learning ability in IngLish's companionship.It is also an important adjustment of school learning. With the advancement of the activity, the friendship between children is becoming more and more strong, and they will also discuss many problems in learning. It is a particularly important experience and harvest on the road of children.

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