Accelerate the construction of affordable leasing housing to allow builders

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In recent years,热议资讯 Shanghai has accelerated the construction of affordable leasing housing, providing housing security for many new citizens, young people and first -tier workers in Shanghai.In the past two years, the affordable rental housing has been in the key type of rent -type affordable housing in the key development of my country's population into the key development of large cities, which has played an important role in solving the housing problems of new citizens and young people.

In 2021, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Supporting Performance Rental Housing", which opened the prelude to the expedited development of affordable rental housing determined by cities determined by cities determined by the large cities and provincial people's governments.The affordable rental housing mainly solves the difficulty of housing difficulties such as new citizens, young people and other groups that meet the conditions. It mainly focuses on small units with a construction area of no more than 70 square meters.The specific conditions of the specific conditions and the small apartment are reasonably determined by the people's government where the city is located in accordance with the principles of guarantee.

The construction of affordable rental housing has made staged progress.Insurance leasing housing adheres to the government's policy support and gives full play to the role of market mechanisms. It mainly uses the construction of stock land, which basically formed a good pattern of multi -main investment and multi -channel supply.For more than two years, about 5.08 million sets of affordable rental housing has been established nationwide, which can solve the difficulty of housing difficulties of nearly 15 million new citizens and young people, and the completion of the investment of more than 480 billion yuan.Planning will still be strengthened in various places, so that more builders from all over the world will live and work.

Affordable rental housing is an important part of my country's construction of a multi -level housing security system.Recently, the "Guiding Opinions on Planning and Construction of Protective Housing" released, indicating that my country will expand the new path of affordable housing in distributor -sale.The new housing security system is divided into rent -type affordable housing and distribution -type affordable housing.Among them, the loan type includes public rental housing and affordable leased housing. The distribution type is a affordable housing that is distributed to the general wage income group in accordance with the principle of the principles of the principles of the capital.

Some people ask questions whether the importance of vigorously developing affordable housing will be weakened?In fact, the affordable rental housing is different from the affordable housing objects, one is the rental allocation, and the other is the allocation of sale, which is an important part of the housing security system.The distribution -type affordable housing focuses on the wages and income groups with difficulty in housing and low income, as well as the introduction of talents such as cities.Rent -type affordable housing facing qualified new citizens and young people mainly solve phased housing difficulties.When developing these two types of housing, the importance of planning should be emphasized, considering the current supply and demand gaps and future population industry development, scientifically determine the scale of medium- and long -term construction, and avoid waste of resources.

Some areas have accumulated many good experience in the process of developing affordable rental housing.Taking Shanghai as an example, during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, Shanghai plans to build 600,000 sets of (room) guarantee rental housing and supply 400,000 sets of (room) affordable rental housing., Near the rail transit site, Xincheng and other areas.The latest statistics show that Shanghai has launched a total of 222 affordable rental housing land and a planned construction area of 19 million square meters; in various ways, a total of 453,000 units (rooms) of various types of affordable rental housing have been established and 267,000 units (between)Between), 75%and 67%of the total size at the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period were completed, respectively.In response to different needs, some places in Shanghai have further refined the supply of affordable rental housing: "one bed" is facing the first -tier workers in the city; "a house" is for new citizens and young people in the city;Managers of enterprise institutions, science and technology talents and family customers.

Combining the development of the village in the city and the development of affordable leasing housing is also a beneficial exploration practice.Guangdong Province issued relevant documents to propose to support Guangzhou and Shenzhen to combine the large -scale construction of large -scale construction of affordable rental housing in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.At present, my country is actively promoting the construction of "three major projects" of affordable housing, the transformation of the village in the city, and the "emergency two -purpose" public infrastructure construction in the large and large cities.Some population represented by Guangzhou and Shenzhen flow into large cities, on the one hand, villages in the city need to be transformed urgently; on the other hand, they need to better solve the living problems of new citizens and young people.Investment and stimulating consumption are a good policy.

Many of the cities determined by the large cities and the provincial people's governments have clearly clarified the goal of raising the housing of affordable leased housing.These cities are in combination with reality to determine the advancement steps to scientifically adapt to local conditions to do a good job of developing affordable rental housing.For the qualified new citizens, young people, especially the institutions and institutions and enterprise personnel who are engaged in basic public services, provide affordable rental housing, and encourage places to convert vacant commercial office buildings to dormitory in accordance with laws and regulations on the premise of meeting safety requirements.Type -shaped affordable rental housing.Foreign workers come to the city to contribute. They are also the masters of the city. They should ensure their housing needs and ensure that the foreign population can enter, stay, live, and become industry.

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