Christmas French dinner is out of the MIRAWAN scenic spot. Book a reservation to kill Mo Fan. He will send a thousand yuan meal coupon to rob the guests.

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Mo Fan Pet 2024 Coffee Taste Cookie Gift Box is 热门新闻expected to go on sale on December 14th. (Provided by Mo Fan/faxed by Zhu Shikai in Taipei)
MIRAWAN, an exquisite French cuisine located on the 47th floor of Xiaofeng Nanshan in Xinyi District, is famous for its breathtaking high-altitude scenery. (provided by MIRAWAN/faxed by Zhu Shikai in Taipei)
MIRAWAN's increased purchase of Australian Blackmore pure blood and beef rib eye 13oz will be adjusted according to the season, and the actual meal on the same day shall prevail. (provided by MIRAWAN/faxed by Zhu Shikai in Taipei)

Santa Claus is generally considered to be from Finland, but there are also Santas in France. Compared with the common red costumes, they often appear in hooded red cloaks, and children from all over the world can write to them to get warm replies, while locals are naturally happy to enjoy the holidays. The meal is nothing more than roast chicken as the main axis and dessert as the end. The catering group took advantage of the festive atmosphere and specially promoted a series of French menus to stimulate the crowd to climb by more than 20%.

Last year, Christmas was one of Mo Fan's key schedules, and related meals accounted for at least 40% of the monthly performance. This year, the brand cooperated with the Taiwan Province Commercial Press to reproduce the French set meal from its French Cuisine Bible, including "French Fried Mushroom Steak" and "Matcha Ice Cream Golden Toast". The original price was 2350 yuan, and the special price was 1680 yuan. From 30th to 1st January next year, the brand posted a message to mark friends.

The Bible of French Cuisine not only explains in detail the choice of ingredients, cooking points, etc., but also compares hundreds of illustrations, so that even novices can easily enjoy the fun of cooking and make French cuisine no longer unattainable. In addition, Mo Fan Bie also promoted the biscuit gift box and cooperated with Taiwan Province Youge Biscuit College, including "Mo Fan Bie coffee cookies" Mo Fan Bie Gold Coffee, which was selected from the world's top producing areas and 100% Arabica beans. After numerous formula adjustments and careful baking, the charming coffee aroma made people memorable. The "Classic Cream Cookie" is made of natural cream from France, with the unique aroma of fermented cream, crisp and solid cake body, smooth and meticulous taste, and full of milky fragrance. It is the first choice for afternoon tea snacks, and it is expected to be sold on December 14th.

Equally well-known restaurants include MIRAWAN, an exquisite French food located on the 47th floor of Xiaofeng Nanshan in Xinyi District, which is famous for its breathtaking high-altitude scenery. In this Christmas season, MIRAWAN has launched a tempting main meal, including roasted spring chicken with herbs and a luxurious set meal for two for Japanese A4 and Niu New Yorker 6oz. The delicious package includes not only 8 dishes, but also a bottle of Gancia Pinot di Pinot Rose pink sparkling wine, with a delicious price of 6999 yuan plus 10% service charge. It is worth mentioning that even in the absence of publicity, after the dinner reservation was released, the scenic spot was immediately killed on the 23rd and 24th of the Christmas weekend. Therefore, MIRAWAN decided to extend the deluxe meal for two to the New Year's Eve in order to meet more guests who wanted to taste delicious food.

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