BMW, Suzhou, Jiangsu, the price drop at the end of the year

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If each car has the meaning of existence,热议资讯 then this car must be filled with the gaps of BMW's large SUV products. The effect that produced it finally made the lonely Mercedes -Benz GLS feel a little cool.It is here, BMW X7.As the highest -end SUV model in BMW, its size reaches 5200, 2040, and 1700mm, and the wheelbase is 3000mm. It has a strong sense of power SUV, which is more grade than Porsche Cayenne.

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The renal grille that is adjusted in the appearance of the BMW X7 has the same work with the new X2.But the most notable is its LED headlights and BMW's front lights.In addition, the former unique bumper equipped with the X7, which allows its appearance to see a strong contrast with the urbanized design of the X5.The new car adopts a new strip taillight design to make the new car more sporty.The new car adopts a new strip taillight design to make the new car more sporty.

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When you see this BMW X7 at first glance, it will really be attracted by its domineering appearance.The chrome -like trim -like golf club also appeared on the X7, which basically became a new sign of BMW's luxury cars.The restrained rear of the car is not as exaggerated as the front of the car. The highest -profile fear is the X7 logo.For many years, it represents BMW's top.

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The imported car market BMW Motors has excellent quality and its excellent brand influence. It has always been aspiring in the market. The latest news revealed that the mass production version of the BMW X7 has been launched, and the new car will be equipped with X5 off -road capabilities and the seventh series.The perfect fusion of luxury interior will be BMW's longest new luxury SUV, X7 competitors positioning Mercedes -Benz GLS, Land Rover Range Rover and Lexus LX.

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