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  China News Network Lishui,News Express December 22 (Shao Yanfei Zhou Jian) "Village Evening" went home.

  In 1981, the "Village Evening" originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally originally served as the "Chinese New Year's Cultural Sample".43 years later, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the 2023 National "Four Seasons Village Evening" event. Among them, the main venue of the "Village Evening" in the winter returned to Lishui on the winter solstice on December 22.Representatives gathered and witnessed the event of "Village Late Home".

Event site.He Jie Photo

  The non -heritage show "Spring is Coming", the dance "Valley Rain", the opera "Cuole Cave Clouds", the song "Happiness" ... During the event, the excellent show show was shown in the "Four Seasons Village Evening" in the "Four Seasons Village Evening" all year round.Excellent programs at the grassroots level explain the theme of home, present the happiness of villagers to participate in the "village night" and play "village evening" and the fruitful results of rural revitalization in Zhejiang.

  Wearing a clothing and holding a farmer, Wu Shaoqi, a villager of Yueshan Village, participated in the "Collective Memory of a Village"."I have participated in 'Yueshan Village Evening' for more than 20 years, and sometimes I am both a director and an actor. This time the" Village to go home to go home ", I am very excited." In Wu ShaoqiThe stage of the stage is the source of motivation to attract young people to go home and stimulate rural vitality.

  Indeed, looking at Li Shui, "Village Evening" makes the villagers happy, allows tourists to enjoy, and rejuvenate the countryside.

  On the stage, farm shows such as Li Yangtian, Dana Rice, and Lover are familiar rural scenes. The agricultural uniform show is an eye -opening "surprise work."Life, blood, flesh and temperature."Planning for three months, rehearsal for three months, performing for three months, and remosive three months", this widely spread playful words directly reveal the daily and weight of "village night".

  Today, Lishui has continued to expand and enrich the connotation and extension of the "village evening". In the process of long -term cultural heritage and innovation, it explores the development of "village evening+camping", "village evening+A -level scenic spot", "village evening+agriculture" and so on.The diversified "village evening+" IP cluster, in addition to the "village evening" as the main axis to develop the "village play" line to explore the "village evening" and village art, village bowls, village ceremonies, village places, village collectionIn the deep integration of elements of elements, the development model of the cultural tourism is the rural tourism market of 1,273 scenic spots villages in Lishui.

The guests visited the township scenic area of Lishui Guyan.He Jie Photo

  "Village Evening" is set up, the cultural tourism economy "singing", and the rural revitalization "fruitful results".On the day of Qingyuan, the day of the "Village Evening" performance, Yueshan Village will hold agricultural product exhibitions to facilitate tourists to buy local specialty agricultural products and handicrafts; farmers run "warehouse Spring Festival Gala" in the sweet orange pomelo orchard, and grow on the tree.The fruits that had no time to pick were ordered by customers who were watching "Village Evening".

  In addition, in Lishui Suichang, tourists who followed "Village Evening" came to the county. In addition to watching the performance, they can also taste the taste of the year, tasting the farm food, and experience the "Lishui Mountain Residence" mountain homestay."On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2023, in just 5 days, we received orders from more than 100 pre -sale rooms." Said the operator of the "Shanglin Mountain She" in Suichang County, said that he experienced the unique year of Lishui through the "Village Evening".New fashion for people.

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