Political direction of good rural revitalization strategy

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Original title: Political direction of the strategy of rejuvenation in rural villages

Rural rejuvenation is 热点新闻a major strategy of the party and the country, and a long -term historic task.At present, many provincial and municipal autonomous regions party committees have formulated the rules and regulations of the five -level secretary to catch rural revitalization, and have achieved new and remarkable achievements to promote rural reform and development.However, there are also some local party and government leading cadres who are confused in the face of complicated rural work. The specific performance is that some of the work that focus on deployment does not meet the expected goals, and even counterproductive.The reasons for this dilemma are different, but on the whole, a common reason can be summarized, that is, the party secretary of the party organization ignores the political direction of the strategy of rejuvenating the rural rejuvenation.

At present, there is such a saying: There are enough formalism to come up with the banner of rural revitalization, and it is necessary to emphasize the political direction, and formalism will be more serious.The author believes that this is a great misunderstanding of politics.The basic principle of Marxism tells us that politics is the most concentrated manifestation of the economy.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We must take the political direction of the rural revitalization strategy, adhere to the nature of the collective ownership of rural land, develop a new collective economy, and follow the road of common prosperity."The words are all economic content, and the end point is common prosperity, which is the greatest satisfaction to the fundamental interests of the majority of farmers.Obviously, the party committees at all levels have nothing to do with the political direction of the rural rejuvenation.So, focusing on the political direction of the common prosperity of the rural rejuvenation strategy, where can the party organization secretaries start from the departments at all levels to draw the boundaries of the same formalism?

First, the most fundamental thing to make good rural rejuvenation is to carefully learn the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's work on "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas."These important expositions are concentrated in the work of Comrade Xi Jinping's "On the" Three -Rural "work", especially in the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Rural Work Conference since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.Reading this book carefully, General Secretary Xi Jinping comprehensively painted the grand blueprint for rural revitalization and clarified the top -level design of rural revitalization. Among them, it runs through a red line, which is to follow the road of revitalization of socialist villages with Chinese characteristics.At present, party committees at all levels, especially major leading cadres, cannot be confused by various modern nouns. Misaculation of theoretical circles, especially the so -called developed countries, must be fully vigilant.We learn from the modern experience of developed countries in developed countries, and we must maintain a sober mind. Foreign experience can only learn from the value of nutrients that enrich socialism with Chinese characteristics, and cannot harm the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics in rural reform and development.For example, some scholars introduce the large -scale agriculture of the United States as the experience of rural revitalization.Following the so -called experience of rural revitalization, not discussing or separating the specific national conditions and characteristics of China will lead to the concentration of the land in the hands of a few agricultural operators, the petrochemical agriculture is popular, and as an organic agriculture and its concept of the Chinese and human beings, and its own concept of the concept of the combination of the Chinese and people and the people of China and the people, it isSmall farmers and family farms with institutional carriers will be excluded, and the ingredients supplied by the Chinese agricultural market will also show a monotonous tedious situation.

Second, the political direction of the revitalization of the countryside must be "the big of the country" to ensure the safety of food.From a global perspective, the primary goal of promoting rural revitalization at this stage is to build a strong agricultural country, and the bottom line standard of agricultural power is to ensure the safety of my country's food.It must be seen that since the 21st century, although my country's food output has increased year by year, due to the increase in population growth, especially the per capita grain consumption, the growth rate of total grain consumption has exceeded the rate of increased grain production. At present Falling to about 75%, causing hidden dangers of food safety.In order to ensure food security, General Secretary Xi Jinping made it clear: "Party committees and governments at all levels should carry the political responsibility of grain safety."

To ensure food safety, the number and quality of cultivated land must be ensured.In the process of promoting industrialization and urbanization, many places occupy a large amount of arable land in order to vigorously develop non -agricultural industries, which directly threatened food safety.In response to this phenomenon, General Secretary Xi Jinping not only put forward strict requirements on the protection of cultivated land, but also proposed rectification requirements for common problems such as "non -agricultural chemical" and "non -grain" of cultivated land.The cultivated land must be kept, and it cannot be descended anymore! "Therefore, in the current" agriculture and rural "work at this stage, the party organizations of local party committees and functional departments at all levels can fulfill the responsibility of protecting the cultivated land, which is political issues, which is related to the countryside.The political direction of revitalization.

Protective cultivated land is not limited to quantity protection, but also pays attention to the improvement of the quality of cultivated land."Building a high standard farmland is an important starting point. It is necessary to unswervingly grasp it, improve the construction standards and quality, and truly realize the maintenance of drought and flood protection, high yield and stable production. This in order has seized the key to my country's arable land.my country's cultivated land is occupied, especially the deserted deserted. It has really threatened the safety of food, but the poor quality of cultivated land is a greater constraint.my country's high -standard farmland accounts for about 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land. This situation has continued for decades. Most farmland still rely on low and medium -production fields for dinner.If the area where two seasons are farming can be built 700 million acres of high -standard farmland, and the annual output reaches 1500 pounds, 1050 billion catties of food can be produced; When it reaches 1,000 pounds, it can produce 400 billion catties of food. Two cases can be produced. The annual foods produced in the country can exceed 1400 billion kg of food, that is, the per capita annual grain production exceeds 1,000 catties.If further establishing a system governance system for coordinating the planning of landscapes, forests, lakes and grass (sand), and guided by large food concept, and planning and use of natural agricultural resources such as landscapes, lakes, grass and sand outside farmland, my country can fully produce sufficient quantities and rich varieties Agricultural products have laid a stronger and broad material foundation for my country's food safety.

Third, to make the political direction of rural rejuvenation and create a modern version of "Fuchun Mountain Residence Map", it is necessary to continuously consolidate and improve the basic rural management system.E00 million farmers have made basic contributions to national food security, and their living standards should also be improved and improved accordingly.Among them, the most important and direct measure is to improve the housing conditions and village living environment of farmers, and create a modern version of "Fuchun Mountain Residence", that is, every family lives in a villa that makes urban residents envy.People and gods are proud to make farmers engage in agriculture in rural areas.The author believes that building a strong agricultural country and creating a modern version of "Fuchun Mountain Residence". Generally speaking, this still belongs to the category of modern productivity in rural areas.EssenceObviously, this is a matter of endogenous power that is related to building a strong agricultural country and cannot be avoided.The political direction of the rural revitalization and the road of revitalizing the village of socialism with Chinese characteristics will ultimately maintain the vital interests of hundreds of millions of farmers in the history of the construction of agricultural powers at the level of production relations, so that they will share the achievements of modernization development with urban residents.

So, what kind of production relationship is the best institutional arrangement to promote rural revitalization?The Party Central Committee has always emphasized "consolidating and improving the basic rural management system."General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The basic rural management system is the system foundation of the rural revitalization." This system is also called a double -layer operation system based on family contracting operations and combining unity.Organize the establishment of autonomy.Practice has also proved that all rural development that adheres to the rural business system is well developed.This is because the basic operating system in my country has four distinct advantages: First, the collective ownership of the land given farmers, especially the new generation of farmers to obtain land for free, and effectively protect the farmers 'fields, that is, farmers' fields are not exploited to exploit , Achieve the zero -cost combination of land elements and labor elements; second, the accumulation provided by farmers for collective accumulation is used to serve farmers, and the interests of land owners, contractors, and workers are harmonious and unified; The solid institutional foundation; the fourth is the overall planning and utilization of village resources.However, in the process of deepening rural reforms, the sound of "privatization of land" seriously interfere with the consolidation and improvement of the basic operating system in the rural areas, and even some places secretly promote the privatization of the land in the practice, which led to the emergence of rural reform in rural reforms."There is no unity that needs to be unified, but it should not be divided. As a result, the original" unification "has become 'to eat clean', from one extreme to another."Therefore, the political direction of the rural revitalization must build the foundation foundation of the rural revitalization system.

Reform is an important magic weapon for rural revitalization.Party and government leading cadres at all levels will vigorously promote the work of rural revitalization. It is necessary to emancipate the minds, open the road in the mountains, meet the river bridge, eliminate the disadvantages of institutional mechanisms, break through the firing of interests, allow rural resources to activate, and make the vast number of farmers enthusiastic and creative burst out.Get up and gather the power of the whole society to help farmers and farmers.  

[Xu Xianglin,The author is a professor at the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration)]

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