Guohai Securities 2024 Capital Market Annual Conference was held in Shanghai

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  (Reporter Li Mengyang) Recently,hotly discussed information Guohai Securities "Stable and Stable" 2024 Capital Market Annual Conference was successfully held in Shanghai.He Chunmei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guohai Securities, said in his speech that since this year, the Chinese economy has been tough in the severe and complex international environment and the arduous and heavy domestic reform and development and stability tasks.The endogenous power, toughness, and potential also firmly believe that China will definitely move forward along the high -quality development channel.

  He Chunmei said that Guohai Securities will adhere to the political and people's nature of financial work.The comprehensive financial service model of investment banks+wealth management "contributes to accelerating the construction of a financial power and the construction of a capital market with Chinese characteristics.

  Xia Lei, the chief economist of Guohai Securities, said that under the influence of positive factors such as expected reversal, consumption continuation, stabilizing investment, and stabilizing foreign trade, the Chinese economy will show strong toughness.EssenceIn the middle and long term, my country's economic development is facing three new situations.First, the external environment has changed, mainly because the Fed's interest rate hike is nearly ending, and ASEAN maintains my country's largest trading partner status.Second, the total population and structure have changed, including the improvement of population quality.Third, the supply and demand relationship of the real estate market has changed significantly, and future real estate sales will return to the demand center.

  Hu Guopeng, chief analyst of Guohai Securities Strategy Strategy, said that domestic demand in 2024 may be better than foreign demand.The Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that "we must persist in steady progress, advance in promotion, stabilize, and break first, and have more policies that are conducive to stable expectations, stabilizing, and employment." It means that the tone of macro policies is more positive.Looking forward to the stock market in 2024, he believes that the small plate style will continue to dominate, grow better than finance, and the cycle is better than consumption., Shipbuilding, etc.

  In the opinion of Xie Wendi, chief analyst of Guohai Securities, most assets in 2023 show the characteristics of low fluctuations. The price of assets under this feature is more affected by investors' expectations, basis, and exchange rate changes.The changes in volatility in 2024 may not be significant, and potential fluctuations may come from changes in overseas liquidity.In this context, resource stocks with lower concentration of chips or more configured value.

  Li Yang, chief analyst of Guohai Securities Financial Engineering, confessed that the market is expected to fluctuate up in 2024, and the value style may continue.The new main line gradually surfaces, forming a connection to the old core assets. The next round of the market's main line is due to the low valuation of low valuations with high performance improvement under the value style of the broader market.

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