Master of Psychology, Australian University of Australia, Australian Psychology Application Requirements

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What is 热门话题the Master of Psychology of the University of Australia?I believe this is a question that many students who are preparing to study abroad. Then the following editors will tell you about it. If you are interested, you can quickly understand it.

Master of Psychology, Australian University of Australia, Australian Psychology Application Requirements

Development psychology: Study the entire process of growing up and development from the birth of the fetus to the old death.

Learning psychology: How the explorer develops into a state today.Study the process and cause of the study of humans and animals.

Personal psychology: Followed on including personality characteristics, motivation and individual differences.

Feeling and perception psychology: Study how human beings perceive the surrounding world, such as researching how human beings identify their faces.

Compared with psychology: research and relatively different types of animal behavior.

Physiological psychology: The relationship between research behavior and physiological process, especially the activity of the nervous system.

Cognitive psychology: Mainly study thinking problems, try to understand the relationship between reasoning, problem solving, memory, and other psychological processes and human behavior.

Gender Psychology: Study the differences between men and women, and explore the effects of various factors such as physiological factors, children's support process, education, and social carving impression on gender differences.

Social psychology: Study involves issues such as attitudes, persuasion, riots, obedience, leadership behavior, racial discrimination, friendship, marriage and other issues.

Cultural Psychology: Research Culture's role in human behavior.

Clinical psychology: mainly study mental health and psychological diseases.

Preschool Children's Psychology: Preschool Children's Psychology is a science that studies the laws of children's psychological development from birth to before school.

Behavioral psychology: Study a combination of various physical reactions used to adapt to environmental changes.

Criminal psychology: study the disciplines of the will, thoughts, intentions and reactions of prisoners.

Undergraduate application requirements: General students can go from the preparatory course.Some schools will have a Psychology degree (such as the University of Sydney) directly for 4 years. Generally, the places are relatively tight. Students are required to study very well in the preparatory course.

If the top students still want to challenge psychology, you can choose the psychological direction in the two courses of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.Of course, after three years, the grades must be good enough to take the fourth year of Honor Degree or apply for the Postgraduate Diploma course.

Master's or doctoral application requirements: Australian students need to have psychological Honours Degree, but also have a certain research experience.For international students, if the undergraduate degree is not Australia, you must first let the Australian Psychology Society (APS) first evaluate the undergraduate degree (the app evaluation standard of the APS, is it to confirm the student's non -Australian bachelor degree, is itIt is equal to the undergraduate degree recognized by Australian APS.).After the evaluation results come out, students can submit a curriculum application to the school.

Then the above is the relevant content of the Master of Psychology of the University of Australia. The above content is shared with everyone as a reference. I hope to help students in need. If you have more content you want to know, you can follow this platform to continue to browse.

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