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Project developer: Shenzhen Zhongtong Investment Development Co.,速递资讯 Ltd.

Property company: Shenzhen Baopu Property Service Co., Ltd.

Speed Transportation: Located in Yantian Central District, 20 bus lines directly to Shenzhen Railway Station, Baoan Airport, Window of the World, etc., Rail Transit Line 8

Education supporting facilities: Lin Lili, Meisha Arist Conservatory, Gengzi Chiefs Zhongshan Memorial School, Lequn Primary School, Yangang Primary School, Yantian Primary School, Pengji Primary School, Shenzhen Foreign Language School High School, Yantian Middle School, Yangang Middle School.

Ecology · Humanities: The Dragon Vegance of the Mid -Mountains and Hitting Sea is above the Mid -Mountains of Wutong Mountain. It is surrounded by the mountains on three sides, which is an excellent private place.Speaking -half is a mountain and half of the sea.

【Potential location】

The project is located in the Guangdong Bay Greater Bay Area. It is located in the central region of Shenzhen and Shenzhen -Shanshan Cooperation Zone, adjacent to Shenzhen; the project is affiliated to the Yabao Tourist Resort, which will be built into a city business card for the development highland of "coastal tourism and emerging industries".


3 high -speed, 2 high -speed rail, Shenzhen Guanghui 1 hour life circle

3 major high -speed exports surround, reach Shenzhen in 45 minutes, directly reach Hong Kong, 1 hour Guangzhou;

Adjacent to 2 major high -speed rail stations: Huizhou South Station, Huidong High -speed Railway Station;

Three airports directly: Huizhou Airport, Baoan Airport, Baiyun Airport;

About 3 kilometers of Vientiane Life Circle]

Share ten miles of silver beach 11 load mature supporting facilities

Star -grade sailing hotel, over 130,000 m2 commercial industries, 5 major commercial streets

Shili Yintan IB International School, kindergarten;

Gymnasium, water center, helicopter, and enjoy the sea and land and air sports

Zhonghui Hospital, escort your family.

【Lake and Sea amphibious】

Speed traffic: Located in the center of Yantian, 20 bus lines directly to Shenzhen Railway Station, Baoan Airport, Window of the World; Metro: Rail Transit Line 8, about 10 minutes of walking distance from this project;

★ Education supporting: [look] ★

The surrounding schools are Lin Li, Meisha noble college, Gengzi Chiebiyi Zhongshan Memorial School, Lequn Primary School, Yangang Elementary School, Yantian Primary School, Pengji Primary School, Shenzhen Foreign Language School High School, Yantian Middle School, and Yangang Middle School.China Shipping Bilingual Kindergarten, Huada Gene Research Institute, Yantian Library (New Library), Public Service Building of Yantian Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Tiandong Middle School;

★ Ecology · Humanities: [LOOK] ★ Mid -mountain and half -sea are located on the half mountains of the Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen, surrounded by mountains on three sides.As the name of the case -half of the mountain and half of the sea.

The project sitting on the scarcity resources of the mountains and the sea, enjoying the negative oxygen ions brought by the thousands of hectares of forests, and clearing the heart and lungs; you can also overlook the boundless blue ocean, walk the beach boardwalk, and experience the mood of "to be capable".

Backing mountains and sea, using the principle of completely human vehicle diversion. Some villas presented 4 floors of basement as the Shenzhen market rare, and there were 2: 1 luxury vehicles compared to creating a real low -density community.

★ Analysis of the value and appreciation potential of half -mountain half -sea investment ★

"Shenzhen Villas entered the 3.0 era, especially represented by the eastern area of Shenzhen. The Yantian area in the eastern part of Shenzhen is becoming a wealthy place in the world's top half mountain rich people in the world.2 major yacht, 2 major golf courses, 8 major star hotels, the largest tourist attractions in Asia, the tens of kilometers of beach coastline, Binhai Plancelona, Meisha Noble College and other most valuable cities and ecological resources.

Country Garden Shili Yintan Mountain Lake Villa Group has 308 acres of natural lakes. The lake water is clear all year round.1.5 kilometers is 10 kilometers of silver white beach, surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes and sea, and live up to their body and mind.

【10,000 acres of forest】

The north side of the group is close to 34,000 acres of Daya Bay Forest Park, and Huiwan's "green lung" is located.The content of negative oxygen ions is higher than 50 times the ordinary environment-about 20,000 pieces/cm3.According to the statistical statistics of the Daya Bay Forest Park, there are 990 kinds of vegetation resources and more than 125 animal resources.The ecological environment is very superior.

【Dasheng Supporting Facial】

Sharing Shili Yintan Dajie Fang, Education (Country Garden Shili Silver Beach School, Shili Silver Beach Kindergarten), Medical (Zhonghui Hospital), Commercial Street (Gold Coast Commercial Street, Seafood Street, Seafood Market, Life Market, Silver Beach Commercial Center), Silver Beach Commercial Center), Bank of China)Leisure (Shili Silver Beach Hotel, Water Sports Center, Yintan Stadium, Binhai Greenway, Mountaineering Trail) and other facilities are all available.

main product

[Total price of 2.9 million lives from Linghu Villa in the East Mountains of Shenzhen]

The building area is about 132-153m2 with the decoration of the Mid-mountain Lake Courtyard

The actual usage rate can reach 156%-208%(excluding gardens and terraces),

Buy 3 layers to enjoy 4-5 layers

Unique household, large garden, guest space, multi -bedroom suite

Ecological value

Mountains, forests, lakes, sea, four major ecology

Take the Los Angeles Bifeli Villa, Hong Kong Manshan Villa House Area, and Shanghai Laishan Villa District as an example.

Binhai Mountain Residence Villa

It has always been the form of the world's top villa house

On the other side, Seattle Lake Washington, Washington, New York, New York Central Park to Chengdu Jincheng Lake District

Global top lake villa house

It is also favored by the world -class rich

The picture comes from visual China

Country Garden Shili Silver Beach · Accompanied by Haiyunshan

Not only do

Half -mountain seascape and first -line view of the two big villa houses of the lake

It is even more ingenious in the ten years of Country Garden Shili Silver Beach

Another new upgrade work

The above is a real picture with the sea Yunshan

About 34,000 acres of forest parks surround

About 2.5 kilometers to the beach

About 308 acres of natural waters

About 20,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter

product value

Layer retreat, low -density villa house

Establishing a half -hill slope with the Haiyunshan and retreating layers

Utilize the height difference between the natural platform

Respect the native style of mountains, forests, grass, and wood

Each villa follows the original appearance of the annual round of the mountain

Treating towards the mountain shape and reasonablely arrange the north -south household

Location value

Multi -favorable, the future is available

Country Garden Shili Silver Beach · Accompanied by Haiyunshan

Locate Shenzhen in the west and the Shenzhen -Shanshan Cooperation Zone in the east

Located in the middle of "Two Shenzhen", the 10.5 district of Shenzhen


Ecological responsibility of Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area

Shenhui Rongcheng, Guangshen Hong Kong Hui 1 hour life circle

Pingping Peninsula Planning


Regional Map of the Penned Peninsula

Between the lakes and the sea, a villa is all over the city

115-122m拼 Shuangpin Meiqiu, the glory came out!

2 1 units


2 2 units


Unit Appreciation

Mountain Lake Hainan's Household Shuangpin Meibu

Country Garden with Haiyun Mountain -Sales Center released

Sales Tel: 400-012-2202 Transfer-666 Developer [Certified] Do not disturb the intermediaries

★★ Sales Center -Welcome to call and appoint to enjoy VIP one -to -one sales professional explanation service!

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