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  ——2023 China Athletics Volkswagen Metropolitan Standard Series and ‘CCB Life Cup’ 5000m Shanghai Elite Competition perfectly ended

  Health is 重大新闻the fundamental interests of the people and the basic conditions for economic and social development.As a life insurance company controlled by Construction Bank, CCB Life has resolutely implemented the strategy of party and state. Through new financial insurance practice, millions of households are handled to protect the people of the people.The company contributes to high -quality insurance services to do a good job in doing a good job in the "five big articles" of science and technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance.

  While CCB Life, while adding a brick to the insurance career, actively practiced the strategy of Jiankang China, participated in the health activities of national health, and became a insurance company with temperature around the people.On December 9th, the 2023 China Athletics Volkswagen Metro Signing Series and 'Caixin Life Cup' 5000m Shanghai Elite Competition officially kicked off at the Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center.The competition was led by the China Athletics Association and hosted by the Yuan Marathon Championship Club.

  At that time, the warm sun of winter shines on the red runway of the Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center, and the players have opened the racing competition one after another.From the dawn of the dawn to the sun in the afternoon, players of all ages have come up with the best state, continuously "run" on the track, adding a good sense of experience to this competition, and also made many online and offline ones online and offlineThe audience praises the wonderful display of the players!

  This elite competition is one of the theme activities of the "Popularization of track and field movements and promoting national fitness" initiated by the China Field Association. It is an important measure to thoroughly implement the party's 20th spirit of the party, implement national fitness national strategy, and promote the construction of healthy China.

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