The 32nd East Asia wants a cup of table tennis championship: Shanghai Baoshan Station, the hot start!

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Recently, the 32nd East Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships hosted by the China Table Tennis Association and the Shanghai Table Tennis Association and Baoshan District Sports Bureau successfully started at the Shanghai Cao Yanhua Table Tennis Training School.The competition attracted athletes from East Asian countries and regions from China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taipei, China, Hong Kong, China, and Macau, China.As a 31st competition, the East Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship is mainly for the 12 -year -old table tennis rookie, which aims to promote the communication and interaction between table tennis players in East Asia.

Wang Liqin, vice chairman of the China Table Tennis Association and chairman of the Shanghai Table Tennis Association, said in his speech that this event will show the highest level of table tennis players under the age of 12 in East Asia in a fair, fair, open and safe competition environment.It will also show the best spiritual style of East Asian table tennis reserve athletes.

Xue Yan, the deputy head of the People's Government of Baoshan District, pointed out in a welcome speech that in recent years, the sports work of Baoshan District has made great progress, especially in competitive sports, such as the emergence of outstanding athletes such as May Xin, Wu Jiaxin, Wang Limin.As a traditional advantage project in Baoshan District, table tennis has a wide range of basic masses.At present, Baoshan District actively promotes social forces to conduct training. Through the cooperation of Cao Yanhua Table Tennis Training School and the Second Youth Sports School of Baoshan District, 11 athletes have been successfully transported into the national table tennis team, more than 50 athletes entered the professional team, 20The athletes were selected as the National Youth National Training Team and trained a number of outstanding players such as Xu Xin.They not only won more than 60 championships in the Olympic Games, World Table Tennis Championships, and World Cups, but also won more than 100 championships in national competitions such as the National Games and National Championships.

The successful holding of the 32nd East Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship will help promote the exchanges between table tennis technical exchanges between countries and regions of East Asian countries and regions, enhance friendship, and share the joy of table tennis sports.At the same time, it is hoped that through this competition, the development of table tennis in Baoshan District will be further promoted to promote the prosperity of Baoshan Sports and the sports industry.I wish the eight teams who participated in the competition can show their own styles and levels in the game and achieve good results.

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