Cristiano Ronaldo's revenue in the world is the world's first, and the Liadin victory players become the richest football player

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Original title: Cristiano Ronaldo's revenue in the world is News informationthe world's number one, Liadin victory players become the richest football players

Recently, Forbes, a well -known American business magazine "Forbes" released the list of world sports athletes in 2023.On this list, Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list with a revenue of US $ 136 million, surpassing his friend Messi.Although Messi ranked second, his annual revenue reached US $ 130 million, which proves his position in football.

On this list, except for Ronaldo and Messi, other athletes with higher rankings are golfers.The sixth Dastin-Johnson's annual revenue was $ 107 million, while the seventh ranking was another golf player.The revenue of these golfers is so high because they have achieved excellent results in the world's top competitions and high contracts for sponsors.

Cristiano Ronaldo's salary in Riyadh is the main source of his annual income. In addition, he also obtained a lot of income through advertising endorsements, investment and other channels.This made him the richest football player in the world, and his personal net assets even exceeded 500 million pounds.Although Messi was slightly inferior to Ronaldo's income, his wealth was also steadily increasing, making him one of the richest people in football.

This list once again proves that the income gap in the sports industry is once again. Although football and golf have a large number of fans worldwide, the athlete's income is not directly proportional to their contribution.However, this also reflects the commercial value of the sports industry and the success of athletes in the business field.

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