Original I want to return to the wind, worship Zhou Haimei's artist to die, and the family is proud of her

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Original title: I want to return to the wind and worship the death of Zhou Haimei. Thehigh speed information family is proud of her

At around 10 pm on December 12, the confirmation news came: the famous artists and Zhou Haimei died.

The exact death time is yesterday, December 11.It seems that the news on the Internet yesterday was not groundless.The reason why the author later deleted the post may be that he did not master accurate information and worried about spreading rumors.

After Zhou Haimei was reported to death, many media and self -media have released their own visits.In summary, the general process is as follows: On the 11th, Zhou Haimei, who lived alone in Beijing, suddenly illuminated.He was discovered and sent to the hospital by the assistant.He is currently being treated, but the injury is not dangerous.

The reason why the information was exchanged was because when the media called Zhou Haimei himself and her assistant, no one answered or hung up the phone immediately.The news that she was treated in the hospital and the injury was not in danger of life was revealed by her friends, and they did not see it with their own eyes.

Zhou Haimei's assistant and her family who knew most about did not disclose any information.

Just this afternoon, the official media called Zhou Haimei's Hong Kong friend Tian Qiwen to inquire about the situation.

Tian Qiwen said that Zhou Haimei has suffered lupus erythematosus for a long time and is currently being treated in a hospital in Beijing.

According to him, Zhou Haimei was safe, but was taken to the hospital for sudden disease.

At the same time, there were media reports that Zhou Haimei was suffering from old platelets with low platelets and fainted in Shunyi, Beijing.At present, her daughter has been taken to the hospital for rescue, and she is currently out of danger.

In the previous program, Zhou Haimei revealed that she was lower at a time.In the worst, he fainted and was taken to the hospital, but the reason was not found.

The normal function of platelets is to stop bleeding.If it is too low, it is easy to cause symptoms such as bleeding, dizziness, and fainting of the brain and internal organs.In severe cases, life may be life -threatening.

From this point of view, Zhou Haimei should be a sudden disease, but in the end, it is caused by lupus erythematosus or platelet reduction. At present, it has not yet been officially announced.

After Zhou Haimei was taken to the hospital, a large number of media poured in and surrounded the hospital, affecting the normal order of the hospital.Therefore, the hospital also encouraged the media to evacuate the hospital collectively.

Yesterday, the news of Zhou Haimei's accidental death shocked netizens.On the one hand, they expressed sadness, and on the other hand, they questioned the authenticity of the news and scolded it as a rumor.

Most people choose not to believe that Zhou Haimei is beautiful and has a positive image.She played Zhou Yiruo as the goddess of one or two generations.Now she is only 57 years old, how can she be accepted?

The life and death of an actress can actually affect the hearts of thousands of audiences, which shows how sacred she is in everyone's heart.

Earlier, many reports said that Zhou Haimei was only taken to the hospital and was not in danger of life.Now it seems to be just a good wish.

Zhou Haimei's death not only made her family and her friends feel sad, but also made the audience and fans feel lost.Her talent and charm will always stay in our hearts.I hope her family and her friends will face the battle firmly, and hope that the public and fans can continue to miss her and cherish her beautiful memories.

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