The youth equestrian sports enthusiasts in our province organized a group to participate in the equestrian exchange competition

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Hainan Daily News (Correspondent & ENSP; Liang Jintang) Recently,特快资讯 in Suzhou 2023 Suzhou International Equestrian Week and China Pony Club International Exchange Tournament, eight youth equestrian sports enthusiasts from the Guanli Lake International Equestrian Academy from Haikou appearedThe arena and all the match.

A total of many teams from China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries were invited to participate in this exchange.The competition items include ground rods (individual competitions), 30 cm venue obstacles (individual competitions), 50-60 cm venue obstacles (individual competitions and urban group competitions), 80-90 cm venue obstacles (youth individual competition, public, openCompetition), 100-110 cm venue obstacles (Open), entry -level dance dance competition (individual competition), preparatory grade dance competition (personal competition and Chinese team trial), preparatory level dressing competition (national group competition), national group competition), national group competition (national group competition),Preparatory grade dance competition (personal competition) and so on.

The eight young riders who participated in the competition are all over 10 years old, all have 5-6 years of professional equestrian learning experience, and have the basic ability to participate in the domestic and foreign equestrian competitions.

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