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Dahong Bridge Life Circle,/Price/热门事件 the low -dense villa area is too rare!

The Dahong Bridge is the center of integrated the Yangtze River Delta, and it is also an unquestionable center in the southwest of Shanghai. The planning height is almost flat with Lujiazui.

Dahong Bridge is ushered in the stage of industrial bangs. A large number of elite population and countless asset wealth are rapidly gathered here. There is a large amount of living demand for living.

Dahua Wutongzhang and the main urban area of Hongqiao are only about 5 kilometers. The distance from the core business district is only about 15 kilometers.

Within the radiation range of the Dahong Bridge, the price is no longer low from the high -rise and bungalows to villa products.

This year, the threshold of Dahong Bridge has continued to increase. The price of Qingpu Xujing Lian has climbed to 69,500/㎡. The radiation sector, such as Qingpu Zhaoxiang, Jiading New City, Songjiang New City, etc., the average price of Qingye has reached 50,000+.

The total price of 3 million levels is just needed to get on the bus. The total price of 5 or 6 million to live in the villa is almost disappeared, and there may not be new increases in the future.

I have to say that the price of Hongqiao Beida Hua Wutong is very cost -effective, with an average price of about 37,000/㎡, the average villa price is about 48,700/㎡, and the total price of the 3 -meter main price of 3 houses in the quality of the villa quality is 3 million.

About 300 meters of straight lines are the schools in front of Tongji, schools in front of the house!

Dahua Wutong 樾 has very good educational resources around it.

The straight line distance of the north side of the project is about 300 meters. It is the 9 -year -old Jiading Experimental School affiliated to Tongji University. It is a school at the door.

Tongji University Affiliated Experimental Primary School Real Elementary School

Not far away are Oriental Ruishi Kindergarten, Tongji University (Jiading Campus).

Within 3 kilometers, there are bilingual schools affiliated to the Chinese Normal University. It is the first K-12 (kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school) bilingual school in Jiading District. The gold content is very high!

Such an excellent educational resources make the development prospects around it more worth looking forward to.

Local schematic diagram

About one million square meters of ecological blessing, price -friendly golf villa area!

There are about one million square meters of ecological resource blessing around Dahua Wutongzhang.

The project is close to the Yingyi Golf Course, which is about 1800 acres. Within 2 kilometers, there are about 1150 acres of open car expo parks, surrounded by natural oxygen bar.

Real view of golf stadium

Such a superior ecological environment is rare in Shanghai, especially in the large -scale golf course.

Looking around the five major golf villa areas in Shanghai, only a small number of new houses have entered the market in recent years, and the threshold of the car on the car is extremely high.

Location schematic diagram, data source online real estate

This means that the quiet and quiet living environment and atmosphere that Dahua Wutongyu will also enjoy in the future. The comfort of living and the texture of life are directly full, and the threshold for getting on the car is very close to the people!

The low -level products of the project can appreciate the complicated garden landscape of the community. The high district can overlook the Yingyi Golf Course, and the vision is very open.

Dahua Wutong 图 Effect map

The Vanke project across the project is the "handle" of the Anting second -hand housing market. The high -rise listing price of second -hand housing is as high as about 47,000/㎡, and the listing price of the villa is about 62,000/㎡.

You know, the average price of Dahua Wutongzhang is only about 37,000/㎡, and the average villa price is about 48,700/㎡, which is very obvious.

Commercial, school, ecology and other full -dimensions are mature!

As the world's leading automotive research and development place, Shanghai International Automobile City has a huge automotive industry cluster, with about 550.29 billion yuan in industrial output value above designated size, driving the next growth pole.(Data source: Anting Guanwei, data deadline: at the end of 2022)

At present, hydrogen energy ports, Weilai, SAIC, Volvo, Toyota, etc. are located here, becoming an important source of Jiading's second development.

Anting takes the opportunity to build a world -class automobile industry center, and vigorously builds 100 billion -level industries such as automobile "new four modernizations" and the new kinetic system led by the online new economy.Highland.

The development of the core area of Shanghai International Automobile City has matured, and high -quality supporting facilities such as commerce, industry, rail transit, and parks have landed in an orderly manner.

Local schematic diagram, for reference only

In terms of business, there are about 400,000 square meters of colorful commercial facilities, which are very rare in the suburbs!

Including commercial centers such as Jiatinghui, Fortune Plaza, Sande Square, etc., to meet the needs of one -stop living needs of eating, drinking, playing, and playing.

About 330,000 square meters of Jiatinghui Phase II is currently under construction, and it is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2023.The first phase of Jiatinghui gathered multi -business models such as business office, shopping, catering, theater theater, leisure and entertainment.

Real view of Jiatinghui Business District

The construction of Anting's hub is also in full swing. According to the 14th Five -Year Plan of Jiading New City, Anting was included in the expansion of Jiading New City and became a "hub flying land"!

The Shanghai Automobile City Station of Dahua Wutong 号 Nearly 11 can reach the commercial districts such as Zhenru, Xujiahui, Xuhui Binjiang, Qiantan, and other urban commercial districts.

It is understood that Anting will also plan to have Line 14 and Jiahong Line 3 in the future, which is expected to raise surrounding traffic by one step.

Local schematic diagram, for reference only

Dahua's "Indus" quiet villa area, with a new height of the regional quality!

Dahua Wutongzhang fully filled the comfort of living and the texture of life. There is Yingyi Anting Golf Club, which has an immersive "garden -style habitat", which together form a quiet waterfront villa area.

The project builds about 300,000 square meters of quiet villa areas. The building uses a modern aesthetic facade and a window edges to provide the owners with a higher level of aesthetic.

Dahua Wutong 图 Effect map

Dahua Group is advancing with the times, and its products are constantly upgrading and iteration.

Dahua Group's site selection of Shanghai International Automobile City, above the million square ecological resources, brings the fifth -generation legendary market for the Dahua Indus!

The project follows the five -space sequence of Dahua City Villa, Building the Gate, Street, Fang, Lane, and Courtyard.

The project creates an immersive "garden -style habitat" life scene. In addition to the Song -style life and art realm, the re -engraving is the new six artistic villa area of "etiquette, art, elegance, music, book, and royal" gentleman.

Dahua Wutong 图 Effect map

Book Fragrant Gate, the etiquette entrance hall, given the unparalleled sense of nobleness and rituals to the owners of home.

Entering the community, Yunlin Garden, Guangying Garden, Green Island Garden and other are connected. There are also riverside leisure activity areas, vitality gathering fields, exclusive customization of "Kunpeng Academy", Kunpeng Children's Paradise, and Elves.

Dahua Wutong 图 Effect map

Dahua Wutong 建 is mainly pushing the construction surface of about 84-101 square meters to see the high-rise viewing high-rise, about 90-144 square meters of low-density villas, the main price of the high-level main force is 3 million, and the average villa price is about 48,700/㎡.

The quality of precision, the blessing of international brands, and the carefully polished units given owners a higher comfortable living experience.

The building is about 84 square meters, 2 rooms, 2 rooms, 2 halls and 1 satellite. It achieves 2+1 open room, south+dynamic and static separation+bathroom dry and wet separation, very compact 2 -bedroom units.

The building is about 91 square meters, 3 rooms, 2 rooms, 2 halls, and 1 bathroom type. It achieves the three -opening room facing south+double dynasty south bedroom with bay window+dynamic and static separation+bathroom dry and humid separation.

This is a relatively mainstream apartment. The audience is large, and the lives of the three -mouth and four -mouth home are very suitable. In the future, it will flow into the second -hand housing market, which can also gain more favor.

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