Promote cooperation between Vietnam and Algeria through inter -party channels

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Yue Tong News Agency Hatsui -According to a reporter from Vietnam News Agency,时事新闻 on December 4, Chen Guoqing, the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria, met with Abdorks' mother Barrequ and congratulated him for being electedAlgeriaGeneral Secretary of the National Liberation Front Party (FLN), congratulations to the successful success of the Eleventh National Congress of the ASE National Liberation Front Party.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Guoqing conveyed the congratulatory message of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the Mother Barreta.

During the meeting, the mother Barrequ said that the Amin Liberation Front Party attaches great importance to traditional value and attaches importance to international friends.He promised to continue to fulfill his mission, and is willing to cooperate with Vietnamese aspects to cooperate with Vietnamese on behalf of the delegation and experience sharing of delegations and experience sharing through party channels.Chen Guoqing emphasized,Vietnam Communist PartyWith the national leaders, we have always paid close attention to the results of the eleventh National Congress of the Party of Liberation Front of the ASEAN. The party is highly evaluated by the party's important role in Algerian political life. At the same timeTo a new level, it meets the wishes of the two countries and two nations.

Chen Guoqing also exchanged opinions on the issue of bilateral concern with this mother, Break, and suggested to promote the possibility of cooperation, such as online theoretical exchanges between the two countries' political colleges; sharing the economy, anti -corruption and modernization, national modernization, young young, youngerThe experience in traditional education and other aspects of one generation expands cooperation between the two countries.(over)

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