Heavy!Hong Kong New Capital Investors Entry Plan details are released

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Original title: Heavy!Hong Kong New Capital Investors Entry Plan details are released

The government announced the details of the "New Capital Investors Entry Plan" on December 19, including the application for application qualifications, promised investment assets, investment management regulations, regulations for residency rights, and "exemptions and then levies" arrangements for foreign people's property stamp duty.

The minimum investment threshold for the government announced on the policy report earlier announced that the "New Capital Investor Entry Plan" was 30 million Hong Kong dollars. Today, it will further announce that the applicant must invest at least 27 million Hong Kong dollars to receive financial assets and non -residential real estate; and invest 3 million Hong Kong dollars.In the new "Capital Investor Entry Planning Investment Group" to support the development of innovation and technology industries and other key industries.For details, please refer to the following overview diagram.

The "New Capital Investor Entry Plan" is listed as one of the eight major policies and measures to develop the family office. It attracts asset owners to settle in Hong Kong and develops diversified investment opportunities in Hong Kong through deployment and management of wealth.The new plan will help enhance the development advantages of Hong Kong assets and wealth management, financial and related professional communities, and bring more business opportunities and high -quality employment opportunities to all aspects of the industry's service chain.

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