The C position of the original Chen Meng lens is Wang Chuqin!Lin Gaoyuan does not complain to hold a cup and smirk, the national table tennis leaks the Olympic lineup

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Original title: Chen Meng's camera C position is 独家资讯Wang Chuqin!Lin Gaoyuan does not complain to hold a cup and smirk, the national table tennis leaks the Olympic lineup

In the first World Cup finals held in Chengdu, the Chinese National Table Tennis defeated the South Korean team 8-1 and won the championship with an undefeated record of nine consecutive victories.

After the game, the third photo session of the Guanyan, Chen Meng personally held the mobile phone to take a selfie. If you look closely, Wang Chuqin happened to hold the panda mascot in the C position of her lens!Dreams of the Internet have long been together, but in the Cai Zhenhua era, Guoping did not allow love in the team. If the two really love, will Liu Guoliang Li Yan and others agree?

Judging from the ranking of the World Cup World Cup in the National Table Tennis Hybrid Group, in fact, it has "leaked" the Olympic lineup next year in advance. When against the Japanese team, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha served as a mixed double mission.The women's doubles are Wang Manyu/Chen Meng, and the men's doubles are also Malone/Wang Chuqin.Although both "Shatou" and the fat are both defeated, in the finals, the same lineup was discharged in the finals, and the intention was obvious. It was practicing soldiers for the Olympic Games next year.

For the arrangements such as Guoping, everyone also understands that from the perspective of the coaching team, although there are many tasks of the Olympic cycle, the main purpose is to play a good Olympic Games, so all competitions will conduct troops with the purpose of exercising the Olympic lineup.The formation, this is the main contradiction!But because of the lack of routines, the Japanese team seized such an opportunity to give Guoping to a cloak. From here, we are not enough to prepare!

In addition, Guoping is too utilitarian. For the Olympic champion, he sacrificed too many second -tier players. Although Lin Gaoyuan and Wang Yidi were selected as a mixed group World Cup lineup through the team, the opportunity was Liao Liao.Be cautious, many people feel worthless for Lin Gaoyuan!However, Kobayashi has become accustomed to his position. After winning the championship, he also picked up the trophy. After all, he also contributed to winning the championship!

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