Announcement of Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd. on the public lease of the Jurassic Restaurant of Laoshan Scenic Area

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Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd. conducts public leases. The lease recruits guarantee that the real estate rights that provide leased are clear, and there are no major omissions, false statements or serious misleadingAnd be responsible for the authenticity and integrity of its content.

1. Recruitment and leased bidding

1. Recruitment:Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd.

2. Introduction to rental bids and rent base prices:

3. Note: Before the rental bidding, the renters understand the lease bidding. The leased bidding offer shall not be lower than the above -mentioned rental reserve price, otherwise it will be treated at the invalid quotation.The renters must respond unconditionally for the rented base price and the rental period, otherwise it will be processed at the invalid offer.

4. The house is rented by the status quo,Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd.No investment.

5. Lease the rent first and then rent.

two,Real estate rental use and requirements

1. The lessee must be decorated and decorated with the recruiter's review and written consent before construction.The expiration of the contract or the contract ended for some reason for some reason. Without the written consent of the recruiter, it is not allowed to demolish, move, or damage it without authorization.If the income of the house will no longer continue to be leased, the lessee will not compensate the renovation cost of the lessee.

2. The lessee shall not transfer or use the leased house to use others or transfer it in the name of cooperation. It shall not change its use. Otherwise, the lessor will immediately terminate the contract, and the rent margin will not be returned.

Third, the requirements of the concept of interested bidding

Any domestic corporate legal person and natural person (except the laws stipulated in laws), which have full capacity for civil behavior and have no bad records, can participate in the rental bidding.When the renters participate in the rental bidding, the following information must be provided:

1,Natural persons participate in the rental:

(1)Application form;

(2)a copy of ID card;

2. The legal person is involved in the rental:

(1)Application form;

(2)A copy of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate;

(3)Copy of legal person ID cards, authorized attorney (including the copy of the authorized person's ID card and a copy of the identity certificate of the authorized person)

4. Trading method:

After the information disclosure period expires, solicitOne eligible, bidding for the rental reserve price, solicited two or more qualified intentions to be transfered, and adopted the on -site public bidding method. The price is high.

Fifth, the place of rental competition:

1. Location of Rent: Laoyingshan Scenic Area Meeting

2. Start time of submission of rental documents: 2024Year1moon5Day, time:9:00

Deadline for submission of rental documents:2024Year1moon5Day, time:9:30             

3. Related regulations: Excellent registration time for rental bidding, or the relevant conditions of not in accordance with the documents cannot enter the site of the rental quotation.

Six, bidding procedures

1. The host introduces the location, area, use, rental life, etc. of the house.

2. The host announced the starting price, price increase rules and price increase of the rental house.

3. After the host reported the price, it was announced that the bidding began.

4. Renters to give a quotation.

5. The host confirmed that the conceder continued to bid after the quotation.

6. The host announced the same offer three times in a row without a quotation.The transaction results have legal effect on the rental and recruitment.

Seven, leased site discipline

(1) The representatives (including agents) of each renter entering the rental site are limited toTwo people, other personnel may not enter the venue without permission.

(2) The renters must keep the venue quiet, and they must not make loud noise, noisy, and walk around.

(3) If the conceder has any questions, he must raise his hand and speak with the consent of the host.

(4) The renters shall not leave the market midfielder without the consent of the host, otherwise it will be deemed to have abandoned the qualifications of the rental bidding.

(5) If the rental person violates the on -site discipline, the staff of the rental team will not be corrected after the staff of the leased team.

8. Contact information

Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhang Lin


landsite:Visitor Center, Laoying Mountain Scenic Area, Triangle Town, Lijiang District

Nine, other matters

(1) If other matters occur at the scene, the rental team will be studied and decided.

(2) If you have any unprecedentedness for this rental document, please be sure to2024Year1moon4Afternoon17hourIn time before 00 -point (Beijing time), contact Chongqing Nannan Business Management Co., Ltd. in a timely manner.

Attachment 1: Application for rental bidding

Attachment 2: Leading of Rental Authorization (use of legal person units)

Annex I


Recruitment: Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd.


After careful review of your company's name for the project: Chongqing Laonan Business Management Co., Ltd. Laoshan Mountain Scenic Area Jurassic Restaurant's rental documents, which clearly know the terms of renting documents, we promise to comply with the requirements and regulations of the documents, the content and rent of their contents and rentingThere is no objection to the situation and accepted in an all -round way.

We apply for participation (asset name)                Facial rental, rented rented base price              Yuan/Year.

Prior to the official signing of the "Rental Contract", this application will have legal binding documents between your company and us.

Signature of the renters:

The renters' ID number:

Contact number of renters:

time:      Year   moon   day

Attachment 2 (use of legal person unit)

Authorized attorney

Statement of this authorization        company's      (The name of the legal person, the name, the position) represents the authorization of the company      (The name and position of the authorized person) As the legal agent of the company, participate         Project rental and contract signing, etc., handle everything related to it in the company's name.

Creed this statement

Signature and stamp of legal representatives:                      Position:

company name:                              address:

The agent (authorized person) signed and stamped:

company name:                              address:

date:    Year   moon   day

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