There are hypertension, exercise for 10 minutes a day, lowering physical fitness

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The一线资讯 improvement of living standards has a lot of people with a lot of high blood pressure around us, but they want to lose weight. How to do it? First of all, let's talk about normal blood pressure: high pressure 120, low pressure 80.Definition of hypertension: High pressure is greater than or equal to 140, low pressure is greater than equal to 90 as high blood pressure, and is accompanied by blurred vision, headache hand numb, chest tightness and tinnitus.Hypertensive people have a lot of taboos in exercise. If you or friends around you have high blood pressure, you want to lose weight and move a bench to sit:

Hypertension is easy to send in the following groups:

Normal blood pressure: high pressure 120, low pressure 90

1. Family inheritance

Emotional excitement

2. Emotional is easy to excite. When emotional excessive excitement, the sympathetic nerves are excited and leading to the increase in adrenaline levels can also cause increased blood pressure

3. "People with heavy tastes" usually add a lot of salt in cooking, control it within 5-6g every day, eat less sodium-containing food, eat more potassium-containing foods, fresh vegetables, fruits.

Heavy taste food (including more salt)

4. People with a lot of drinking

5. People with stressful work or life

In exercise

1. The movements of all heads lower than the heart are not done, and blood flows back, causing insufficient blood supply and oxygen.

2. Sport intensity, control in the heart rate between 50-60%

3. Exercise time: about 10-30 minutes

4. Exercise frequency: 5 times a week, 10-30 minutes each time (American Sports Medical Association, it is recommended to exercise 150 minutes per week, adjust according to your own time)

Today's training content

Abdominal breathing: supine/sitting position

2 types of breathing rhythm: inhale the whole process and exhale throughout the process.Inhale in half, exhale throughout the process.

Objective: Activate the sub -sympathetic nerves, let people be in a relatively calm state, increase the stability and muscle content of the torso kernel, promote basic metabolism, and lose weight faster.

Inhale all the way, exhale all the way: sit on the chair, sink your shoulders, put your hand on the three fingers under the belly button (Dantian)

Sit and abdominal breathing

Nose inhale: The abdomen moves forward, the mouth is exhaling, and the belly moves in the direction of the back, 5-10 times/3-5 groups.

Note: The breath time is longer than the inhaling time, such as inhaling 6 seconds, and the breath is at least 10 seconds. The rhythm must be slowed down for the first training to do this training., Breathe too fast, it is easy to dizzy.Within 30 minutes after eating, do not do this action to do so

Inhale in half, the way to exhale throughout the process

Breathe on the lying abdomen, inhale your belly towards the ceiling, vomit, your belly towards the floor

The action is the same as above, the details: When you are exhaling, you inhale in place, then continue to exhale, inhale in place, and then exhale any problems in the process of fitness. Welcome to leave a message or private letter in the comment area.Answer for you.

Everyone has any problems in the process of fitness. Welcome to leave a message or private letter in the comment area. I will seriously answer it for you.

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