For international students, what is the most difficult place to adapt to Australia?

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What should I do after landing in Australia?爆炸新闻

The first is travel traffic:

1. Download Uber, bind your VISA card, take a taxi very convenient

2. Download Google Map. This can view the timeline of the bus at the same time. It is very convenient.

3. To run a traffic card, the cost -effective is higher.Each Australia has its own bus card, such as: Melbourne: Myki Card, Opal Card, Sydney, Brisbane: Go Card, Adelaide Metro Card.

Then it is daily life:

1. Bring some cash, leave a 100-200, too much to put it on your body is not safe

2. Apple mobile phone Paypa1 binds bank card, supermarket can swipe

3. A call card, Telstra, OPTUS and Vodafone. These three have almost all of the customer service staff who speak Chinese

4. Apply a bank card, bring a passport, and go directly to the store to handle: If you have passed the account opening in advance, you can go directly to the offline branch to receive the physical card.The four major banks in Australia are: WESTPAC:

West Pacific Bank, ANZ:

Australia and New Bank Commceallth:

Federal Bank, NAB: National Bank

5. Buy food supermarkets: Coles and Woolworths, ALDI, Costco;

6. Buy daily necessities: kmart / big w / target;

7. Buy furniture: LKEA IKEA, AMART;

8. Three major drugstores: Chemist Warehouse, PriceLine, Discount Chemist;

9. Fashion luxury products: mainly concentrated in the CBD business districts of Sydney and Melbourne, as well as some larger Westfield and Chados of Melbourne, such as Melbourne;

10. Apply for tax numbers: If you want to work in Australia, the tax number is an important condition that you can receive wages normally.

You who have just come to Australia, please pay attention to these details of life:

There are 2-3h time differences in Australia and China, and there are summer time and winter.

Do you have to make an appointment in advance almost to do anything

The bus comes to be beckoned, otherwise it will open directly

Australia's bus is expenses at the station, and you need to swipe the card when you get out of the car

Crossing the road need to press the buttons next to the sidewalk, and will not automatically turn green lights.

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