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The热点新闻 noodles are about 123-145 square meters superimposed villa

Total price 300w-800W

The average price of public announcement is 40700 yuan/㎡

High -level apartment diagram 型

Diehu apartment 型

Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Reservation Hotline)

Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Reservation Hotline)Essence

Some stacked villas take pictures 实


Why did Dahua choose here?

Only 5 kilometers from Hongqiao Main City

Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Booking Hotline) Tongji University Affiliated Jiading Experimental School of Tongji University about 300 meters of Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Appointment Hotline)

AntingAbout 25 kilometers away from the People's Square,At the same distance, the cost -effectiveness of Anting is undoubted.

The average price of new houses in Lao Minhang has been 5.9W+, and the average price of new houses in Pudong's new market has been 5.5W+. The average price of new houses in Zhao Xiang and Sijing has also exceeded 5W+.

Local schematic diagram

If the benchmarking Dahongqiao, Anting will be more advantageous!

We found out: through Baidu maps: we found:Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Booking Hotline) Anting is only about 5 kilometers away from Hongqiao's main urban area, but the total price is only about 3 million levels!

Local schematic diagram

andDahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Reservation Hotline) 9-year-old Jiading Experimental School affiliated to Tongji UniversityStraight distance from the projectAbout 300 metersEssence

3 million total price = high -end school district house?Intersection

Not only that, within the range of 3KM, Dongfang Ruishi Kindergarten, Anting Elementary School, Anting Middle School, 12 -year Chinese Normal University Bilingual School (kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school), Tongji University (Jiading Campus) coverage, the human environment of TongjiEssence

I just need to choose here, no need to worry about all the age of children.

Why did Dahua choose here?

Line 14 also comes, about 3 million square meters of greening around

In terms of rail transit, as aShanghai's "West Gateway"In the past 20 years, whether it is the development of the industry or the introduction of talents, the prosperity and prosperity of Anting must be inseparable from the support of rail transit.

Inner, Four subway stations (including Shanghai Racing) on the 11th Line 11 can reach the important CBD business district such as Xujiahui.Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Booking Hotline) Railway Line 14 of the Driven Line No. 14, Crossing the planning suggestions in Anting, has also been on the agendaItems

foreignThe two high -speed rail hubs of Anting North Station and Anting West Station quickly arrived at the Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai Railway Station to achieve "connecting the Soviet Union."


Not only do you have a new site,The reason why Dahua will see here is its scarce environment!

Opposite the project isDahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (reservation hotline) about 120,000 cubic meters, about 1.2 million square meters of Yingyi Golf Course, about 770,000 cubic meters of Shanghai Automobile Expo Park, Central Green Axis Binjiang Park,Bonn style music valley park and palm -shaped lake, the entire greening area is nearly 3 million square meters, It can be described as an ideal natural habitat, and truly enjoy the living area of a forest!

Detailed planning of JDC3-1101 Unit in the core area of automobile city


Among them, the area of the Auto Expo Park has reached About 77 million cubic meters!

What concept?

This is equivalent to the size of 2 Changfeng Parks and 4 Zhongshan Park.

Really move home into the park!

Yingyi Golf Stadium Airlines

Its low total price Dahua Wutong 楼 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Booking the hotline) on the high-quality and quiet environment of the car, making the project sales office of Dahua Wutongzu during the subscription period.Connected, the scene is hot!


Why did Dahua choose here?

Anting has the development of heavy industries that do not lose Zhangjiang and Caohejing

As we all know, the Tel of Dahua Wutong Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Booking the Hotline) industry's driving role in housing prices, such as Zhangjiang, Zizhu, Caohejing, Shibei and other industrial parks.In the sector, house prices have been standing, and the increase is amazing!

Take Zhangjiang Wanke Emerald Park as an example.In 2019, the transaction price of second-hand housing was 787-80,700/㎡, and the latest transaction price in 2022 has risen to 13.27-135,900/㎡!

Data source: shell

This is because mature industries can not only continue to introduce more elites, but also drive the consumption and urban infrastructure of the sector, but also make more young people willing to live here.

As the core carrier bearing area of the world -class automotive industry center, Anting has the core industry that can be called the GDP pillar.

Local schematic diagram

Today's international car city,"Made City Fusion"The form is basically formed, and more and more innovative enterprises have gathered here, and have developed into the central area that leads the development of automobiles.

The headquarters of well -known auto companies such as Volkswagen, SAIC, Weilai Automobile are located here. Here, more than 300 auto companies+7 national public service platforms+more than 100 R & D institutions+more than 50,000 R & D talents and about 15,000Famous senior car engineer.

Anting Aerial Map

In the future, the "car city" will also actively explore future travel methods such as 5G smart vehicles and new energy vehicles. With the efforts of generations after generation, it will definitely become here in the future."Products" perfectly fusionNew town.

As far as the development of the industry, New Energy Vehicles, this industry, has many concepts of subdivisions, such as: Energy -saving and environmental protection, not only the market is urgent, but there is no adverse factors, and there is obviously there is still a lot of room for rise;

From the big directionIt is the grand blueprint for future development, and the continuous development of the real economy is the grand blueprint. The automotive industry is ranked here.

Real view of automobile industrial park

Dahua's site selection is here to create an unprecedented high -end villa product that surpasses the previous works of the automobile city, and build a "quality city" for Anting!

The most important thing is that the total price of the villa quality of the Daini Bridge is only about 3 million!

Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Book Reservation Hotline) Total price of 3 million starts on the car Hongqiao North Jingjing Villa District

Primary and elementary school adjacent to Tongji Affiliated Experiment

It has been announced in the third batch of new houses in Shanghai!

The landscape high-rise of about 92-101 square meters

The noodles are about 123-145 square meters superimposed villa

Total price 300w-800W

Shanghai Jiading Anting Dahua · Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334

Dahua Wutong 樾 Sales Tel: 400-8862-334 (Reservation Hotline)

If you have any questions, please inquire, professional one -to -one enthusiastic service, so that you can buy a house with a professional perspective.

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