Carry out multi -level diversified health services

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  Newspaper (Reporter Li Liya Correspondent Wang Jianming) Since this Popular informationyear, the Health and Health Bureau of Jingyu Mining Area has focused on the needs of people's livelihood to carry out multi -level and diversified health services as the focus to build a "health guard" brand and improve the health service level of the health system.

  The Health and Health Bureau of Jingzheng Mining Area actively carried out the care of young people's health diagnosis and treatment to enter the campus activities. The organizational medical and health expert teacher service team and related professional diagnosis and treatment institutions went to primary and secondary schools to carry out health guidance services for eye care and eye hygiene, and further enhance the vice teachers.The health concept of life improves the awareness of teachers and students to prevent diseases.Since the beginning of this year, a total of 14 times of eye -loving health knowledge promotion and lectures, promoting the knowledge of eye health to students, and educating students to develop good habits of love and care.Carry out the service for women's reproductive health benefits to the people, and conduct two cancer screening for female employees of rural appropriate women, organs and institutions from 35 to 64 years old in their jurisdictions. Since this year, a total of 2,954 cervical cancer screening has been launched, and 2914 breast cancer screening is carried out.

  The District Health and Health Bureau organizes medical and health expert teachers and teachers 'service team to penetrate the community with concentrated residents' residence, and provide the masses with more than 50 free consultations and services such as blood pressure, blood sugar, health consultation, and health knowledge preaching.Consulting more than 10,000 people improved the awareness of the masses.The medical and health expert teacher service team has been organized to go deep into the enterprise to conduct more than 10 health guidance services such as free free consultation, health examination, and occupational disease prevention and treatment for enterprise employees.A good business environment and promoting economic development provide health guarantee.

  In addition, the District Health and Health Bureau carried out a pregnancy and health guidance service. Since the beginning of this year, a total of 469 young people have conducted free pre -marital medical examinations. The marriage inspection rate has reached more than 90%.And follow -up to ensure the high -quality operation of the marriage inspection.Early development education services for infants and young children also carried out early infant development education services, with Hebei Province eugenics and eugenics- "Parent -child huts "Jingyu Mining Area projects are the position. For infants 0 to 3 years old in the area, they carry out sensory teaching and enlightenment education. Through the basic ability of life, sense of facial features, civilized etiquette, etc., the baby forms an independent personality and good personalityLiving habits. At present, a total of more than 10 activities have been carried out, which is well received by parents of children.

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