Dai Fu Night 2022 Chinese designer Golf Club Awards Dinner ended perfectly

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Original title: The爆炸新闻 Night of Daifu 2022 Chinese designer golf club award dinner ended perfectly

"One year of good times, Junxiu, the most orange, yellow and orange green." On the evening of October 28, the 2022 Chinese designer Golf Club Hangzhou, hosted by the Chinese designer Golf Club Hangzhou East Arrow Team and co -sponsored by the United States Dai Full Air SystemThe East Arrow Golden Autumn Festival award dinner is held smoothly in the late autumn season of poetry.

After the dinner began, several guests' speeches made a brief review of the fierce events during the day. They highly affirmed and praised the organizational and held work of this event, and expressed the thanks to the United States Difu for supporting the awards dinner.Essence

As a co -sponsored brand of this example, the US Difu's full air system and the high -end healthy life concept advocated by the golf movement coincide.Wang Liangke, the general manager of the United States Difu China, reviewed the two -year journey of the United States Difu and designers and partners, and expressed sincere thanks to the designer friends and brand partners who helped the American Difu.

The subsequent ceremony of the American Dai Fu propaganda ambassador to the licenses of the Ambassador to the Propaganda Ambassador to the dinner scene was pushed to the climax. The awarding ceremony marked that the US Difu will work with designers and brand partners to create quality services and a better life.Go all out for the beautiful people.

Then, the host invited the beast guests to toast with the guests at the scene, and wished the Hangzhou designer group friendship and more and more united. I also wish that the future event will be better and better.

BB Award winner Yang Wenting

Shen Shaohua, the winner of the Change Award

Zhang Jiawen

Zhang Yu, the winner of the longest distance award

Xia Wenwei, the best player award winner

Han Dong, the winner of the Jingqian runner -up

Zhang Yeshun, the winner of the net rod champion

Zhang Yu, the winner of the Chief Ring runner -up

Pan Tao, the winner of the chief champion

After the toasting ceremony, several awards, including the total rods and net rods runner -up, were issued in turn. The multi -round lucky lottery session also made the dinner atmosphere warm.

The award dinner came to an end at the guests' push cups.With the enthusiastic shout of "The Night of the United States Daifu", the 2022 Chinese designer Golf Club Hangzhou East Arrows October 201 Awards Dinner drawn a successful end in late autumn nights.

In the future, Dai Fu will also create more comfortable living space for more families with the blessing of a group of designers and brand power and share high -quality life.

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