Beijing Haidian: The Conference of Commercial Secret Protection Conference and the establishment of the Service Alliance was held

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Science and Technology Daily Reporter & ENSP; Hua Ling

On January 2nd, the conference and service alliance of the District Business Secret Protection and Service Alliance hosted by the Market Supervision Bureau of the Haidian District of Beijing City were held at Zhongguancun's Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center.

Xu Zhentao, a member of the party group and deputy head of the Beijing Haidian District Government, said that Haidian District will continue to carry out the pilot work of the protection and innovation of business secrets, pay more attention to the construction of the system, give full play to the policy guidance effect, improve the industrial innovation ecosystem in Haidian District, promote economic high economic highQuality development provides strong support.

Yu Hang, Director of the Fair Competition Division of the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau, said that Haidian District has strong scientific research strength, outstanding location characteristics, concentration of Internet companies, and urgent demand for business secret protection.The "Guidelines for the Protection of Business Secret Protection of Internet Enterprises in Haidian District" (hereinafter referred to as the "Work Guide") released this time is an innovative attempt at the institutional level and has a strong guiding role in the Internet industry field.Among the 45 demonstration bases in the city, the enterprises and parks in Haidian District also fully played a leading role.At the same time, as a benchmark for innovation in the city and even the whole country, Haidian District proposes three expectations: improve the protection mechanism, solidify the foundation of protection, play regional advantages, strengthen theoretical research, and consolidate the multi -party joint efforts to build a service network.

The conference officially released the "Guidelines for the Protection of Business Secret Protection of Internet Enterprises in Haidian District in Beijing". Nie Junjie, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau, introduced the "Work Guide" in the three aspects of the background, main content, and the next work direction.Interpretation.From the perspectives of business secret protection systems, document data management, personnel management, information network construction, leakage prevention, rights protection measures, etc., it guides enterprises to establish standards and specifications.Commercial secret protection system under new technologies and new applications.

The city's first commercial secret protection service alliance "Haidian District Commercial Secret Protection Service Alliance" was also officially launched at the conference.The alliance is jointly launched by industry associations, law firms, notarization offices, appraisers, certification agencies, data security companies, park incubators and other organizations.The alliance is the purpose of "government guidance, enterprise autonomy, industry assistance, and win -win cooperation", and provides high -standard professional services for the protection of business secrets in Haidian District through gathering, integrating, and sharing professional service resources;Provide a positive role in providing professional consulting services, conducting training and exchange activities, and customized specific solutions.

In addition, the Haidian SME Association issued the "Special Safety Protection Specifications of SME Business Secrets" group standards.This standard provides guidance for the development of the business secret security protection field of small and medium -sized enterprises, and has filled the standard gap in relevant fields.

The conference also awarded a group of commercial secret protection demonstration bases and workstations.

(Photo Conferring in the Market Supervision Bureau of Haidian District, Beijing)

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