Guangju Energy: Strategic emerging industries intended to set up the Guangju Fubao Industry Fund, invest in new generation of information technology and other fields

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  December 20thIn order to promote the company's strategic development, the company has jointly signed the "Shenzhen Guangju Fubao Advanced Industry Entrepreneurship Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) with Shenzhen Investment Control Donghai Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shenfu Bao (Group) Co., Ltd.) Partnership Agreement and "Memorandum on Investment and Control East China Sea, and Shenfu Bao Group to establish Shenzhen Guangju Fufang Advanced Industry Entrepreneurship Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership)", the company intends to be a limited partner to participate in investment in investmentEstablish Guangju Fubao IndustryThe total scale of the fund's target is RMB 200 million (the scale of the fund is finally based on the actual raising situation). The company intends to contribute to the 50.01%subscription ratio with its own funds, with a total amount of RMB 100 million.

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