Heavy funds will buy index products such as ETF!

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  Today,实时资讯 the market is welcoming again and again!The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security shall "national social securityThe Interim Measures for Investment Management "is revised, and drafted the" Measures for Investment Management of the National Social Security Fund (Draft for Opinions) "(hereinafter referred to as the" Administrative Measures ") and publicly solicited opinions from the society.

  It is worth noting that the "Administrative Measures" clearly incorporate the approved stock index investment and trading open index fundsFund direct investment scope.this means,since this yearFabricateIndex products will usher in heavy long -term funds.

  Express ETF into the direct investment scope

  The "Administrative Measures" involves many aspects of investment scope, investment ratio, management rate, and custody rate of social security funds.

  In the scope of investment, the "Administrative Measures" clearly incorporate ETF and REITs into the scope of investment in social security funds.The "Administrative Measures" emphasize that the investment scope of the National Social Security Fund directly invested in the social security foundation is limited toDeposit, interbank deposit lists, eligible direct equity investment, industrial funds, equity investment funds (including entrepreneurial investment funds), preferred shares, approved stock index investment, trading open index funds, and other products or tools approved by the State Council, and other products or tools approved by the State CouncilEssence

  According to the annual report of the National Social Security Fund Council, as of 2022, the total assets of the National Social Security Fund were 2.88 trillion yuan, which was dragged down by the decline in the fair value of assets such as the stock market, which fell by 4.51%year -on -year.

  Statistics show that as of the first half of 2023, a total of 5 social security funds combined appeared in the top ten listed funds, Total 13 funds, about 360 million copies.Among them, the National Social Security Fund held 6 groups in 2018, with a total share of 289 million yuan. The National Social Security Fund held 5 in 209. The total share was 56.5927 million.

  Social securityListing funds are mainly bond products, including enhancement of investment promotion dual bonds, Fa -Guo Tianfeng strengthened income LOF, Penghua Fengze LOF, China Merchants Credit Tim Lof, Ficknin Xintian Feng LOF, etc.

  in,China Merchants Dual Debt Growth LOF is currently the fund with the most shareholding of the social security fund.The 2018 group of the National Social Security Fund and the 2019 of the National Social Security Fund holding 196 million and 27.493 million, respectively.The fund is a mixedIn the past three years, the cumulative income reached 13.04%, and the fund manager was Liu Wanfeng.

  In fact, the top ten holders who have appeared in ETF have previously appeared in the social security fund.For example, as of the end of 2022, the 101 combination of the National Social Security Fund ranked third in the third largest holder of the E -Fangda Certificate 100ETF, holding a total of 40.96 million copies.

  Injecting sources constantly "live water"

  In fact, another long -term capital insurance and capital insurance is also an important "gold master" of listed funds. Under this year's shock market,The shareholding of funds has increased significantly.According to the data of Tianxiang Investment Consultation, as of the end of the first half of the year, of the top ten holders of ETF products, the insurance capital appeared 952 times, an increase of 375 times from the end of 2022;At the end of 2022, it increased by 75.705 billion copies.headThe type of ETF products is very rich. Not only does the layout of many broad -foundation index ETFs, but also technology,As well as, Pharmaceutical, Home Appliances and other types of industries ETF.

  Looking back at historical data, the social security fund and insurance capital holding the listed fund for a long time and the positioning of the positions is relatively stable.People in the industry believe,The long -term and stability of the Social Security Fund can support the continuous expansion of ETF, or it will become an important source of funds for the competition for major institutions in the future.

  In addition, from the perspective of overseas markets, most of the underlying assets such as FOF and Investment Consultation are mostly ETF products. With the domesticThe market, the investment consulting market has gradually grown, and the allocation of social security funds, long -term funds will inject "live water" for ETFs into ETFs.

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