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Total number: 212 households

Lotch ratio: 0.614

Property management: Green cityProperty

Property fee: 6 yuan/㎡ · month

Sales situation: All 212 sets of pre -sale certificates are received,一刻资讯 Subscribe directly(Occupy Hangzhou house ticket)

Project advantage: Back to Huanggongwang National Forest Park (4A)

Project design team

• United GOA Elephant Design Company (original green EastThe team of Mr. Ling Jian in the Design Institute).

• Project landscape design, Xiangyi · Chunjiang Royal Garden

Mr. Song Shuhua, who specializes in Greentown Scenic Garden Design Unit, specially hired the team of Mr. Song Shuhua.

• Ancient projects of the project, entrusted the world's intangible cultural heritage Xiangshan to help the 24th generation inheritor-- Thank youSir team.

two, Real scenery

three, On the edge

Close to Huanggongwang National Forest ParkNatural oxygen bar is the original and realistic place of "Fuchun Mountain Residence".

project 2 kilometersInner Hangzhou pioneered Outlet with a total construction surface of 110,000 cubic meters, a large -scale complex that integrates catering, entertainment and integration =]

Fuchun Mountain is the Golf Course, the only 18 -hole 72 golf course with the only hilly terrain and tea garden in East China, and is one of the top ten golf courses in Asia.

The Asian Games Water Center is located opposite the project, the water project center, kayak, rowing, and excitement.

along with" Villa"The policy increases, and low -secret products are getting scarce. Relying on Huang Gongwang's rich natural landscape resources,

With a low -secret environment of 0.614, the Fuyang pure Chinese co -court project is created.As "Hangfu Integrated Bridge Castle"

The key areas, the formal connection of the form of officially access, the 20 -minute life circle, Binjiang 30 minutesIn the life circle, the city is truly not away from the city.


Only 300 meters from the entrance of Huanggongwang Scenic Area.The project is based on Huanggongwang's national scenic spot. It is in Fuchun River in the south, and the depth of the north and south stretches for 2.5 kilometers.

good tranffic

Towards Jiangbin Dong Avenue and Rainbow Expressway to Binjiang and Qianjiang New Town.The purple tunnel quickly arrives at Xixi Wetland, and in the future Science and Technology City.10 minutes from the city center of Fuyang District, quickly reach Yintai and Baolong.The Hangzhou -wealth urban railway, Hangzhou -yellow high -speed rail, Metro Line 6, and Hangzhou Erfu West Fine line constitute a multi -dimensional three -dimensional traffic network, connecting the core areas of Dongzhou and major development.

Commercial facilities

Functional businesses such as Outlets Mall, Golf Club, Kayak Club, and Asian Games Water venues.

It can be reached 25 minutes from the large commercial complex West Investment Banking Thai City (under construction); the project is distributed in the range of 10km in 10km.

Medical support

The nearest three hospitals-Zhejiang First Hospital ZhijiangyuanThe district is only 18 minutes' drive, and it is officially operated in 2019.

"Integrated" management with the Qingchun Courtyard area, superior medical resources.

The journey of only 10km from Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, only 10km, will become the nearest comprehensive hospital in the project in the future.

Fourth, household -type reward

Unit A is about 178 Fangbei to enter the household

Community advantage

The north is a national scenic spot in Huanggong Wang, and in the south of Fuchun River, in the south, About 0.614 plot ratioIt seems more precious in Hangzhou today

The project is not high and low, but all created the Chinese -style courtyard.

In terms of products, compared to the three -story courtyard on the market, Chunjiang Royal Garden For two layers of courtyard,In the same area, Width and width,,

Lighting and ventilation are better than the three -story courtyard.For example, this set of 210 square -square D -type,

On the first floor of Li Bin Club, the whole room was done The opening room of 12 meters south,, The layer height is about 3.6 meters, With the full floor -to -ceiling window, it is transparent and bright, and the relatives and friends are decent.The elders on the first floor also bring a small garden to provide the elderly with a relaxed space to return to nature.

Chunjiang Royal Garden About 5.9 metersunderground High layer,Reserve Two to three lighting wells,Introduce natural light, moisture -proof and ventilation is better. The basement can be opened or half -opened to create a "sunlight double first floor", Greatly improve the practicality of the basement.

Each house is given away from the yard, and the smallest has 50 partiesEssenceThe design of the unique courtyard, each household is self -contained in the world.

In order to better present the essence of Chinese architecture, special The team of the second fourteenth generation of the world's intangible cultural heritage Xiangshan Gang, Mr. Xie Shui, as the core, to carry out ancient construction counts.

Construction steps, door heads, housing stones, and door crickets are built in accordance with the ancient system.

It is too short to reduce one point, simple but not dull.Taking Su's Garden as a blueprint, it creates a classic Chinese garden.

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