Changsha Xiangjiang Aijiang Eye Ophthalmology Hospital held a health science popularization to improve the ability of middle -aged and elderly people to cope with eye disease

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Guo Shihong, deputy dean of Xiangjiang Ailor Eye Hospital in Changsha, is popular science.Interviewed units confession

With the continuous deepening of aging society, the health of the elderly has attracted much attention.In order to enhance the health literacy of the elderly and strengthen the protection of eye health in aging society, on December 9, "Walking Zeiss Speed" full visual old visual old vision health science activity was held in Changsha Xiangjiang Eye Ophthalmology Hospital.Laohua Eye, such as the prevention, intervention, and treatment of common eye diseases such as Laohua Eyes, and conducted a easy -to -understand and detailed eye health science popularization, which provides a reference for the correct cognition of middle -aged and elderly people, scientifically cope with eye diseases, and improves the whole people.The level of eye health has brought help.

According to data from the Hunan Provincial Health Commission, as of the end of 2022, the population of 60 and over Hunan Province was 13.76 million, accounting for 20.84%of the total resident population.Due to the decline of the body's various functions of the elderly, the elderly are mainly manifested in the eyes of the eyes.

However, the eyes are one of the important organs of human perception of the world. For the elderly, it is not only an important tool for maintaining a basic life, but also an indispensable assistant to pursue the ideal life at the moment.Good eye health management, improving visual quality is imperative.

At the event site, Guo Shihong, deputy dean of the Changsha Xiangjiang Ail Eye Hospital, popularized the cutting -edge technology used to improve visual quality in clinical practice. He said: "Alphabetic cataract surgery has become the mainstream technology for cataracts.The crystal replaces the original turbid crystal, which can complete the treatment quickly, accurately, and safely. With the continuous innovation of artificial crystal technology, high -end artificial crystals such as full visual three focus have now appeared, which can solve cataracts, veterans, myopia, astigmatism, gitons, gitons at one time.Waiting for problems, meet the vision needs of the distance and the middle process, and there is no need to wear an old flower mirror after surgery. "

As the life of the elderly is getting richer, the eye scenes are more and the vision requirements are higher. More and more patients are no longer satisfiedIn the case, the selection of more functional artificial crystals has become a major trend.

Aunt Hu, 68, has become more blurred with her age, especially when she is close to it. When she sends messages, she sends wrong words and calls the wrong number.After inspection by the Changsha Xiangjiang Eye Ophthalmology Hospital, Aunt Hu was a cataract with old flower eye, and the eyesight of the eye was 0.5.

Based on her eyesight to understand and compare the choice of multiple parties, she finally accepted the refractive cataract surgery combined with all -visual three focus artificial crystals. After surgery, the vision was restored to 1.0., Aunt Hu also sighed: "It's easier to cut vegetables every day."

In order to allow patients to fully understand the principle, main symptoms, development trends, and preventive methods of cataracts, Zeng Li, the chief physician of cataract specialist at the El Eye Hospital of Xiangjiang, Changsha conducted detailed science of cataract knowledge.Zeng Li said: Cataracts are the same as old flowers. It is an inevitable eye disease with age. Patients do not need to panic about this. There are often patients with patients because they are cured but they are afraid of entering the hospital.Active intervention will not only delay the condition, but also cause irreversible damage to both eyes.Therefore, once symptoms such as decreased vision and vague vision should go to the hospital to seek professional guidance in time.

Not long ago, El Eye Department was certified by Futhalin, a world -renowned consulting company in the world as "cataract ultrasound emulsifying surgery, nationwide, cataract ultrasound emulsification combined with brittery implantation surgery in the country", and at the same timeZeiss also certified that "the Global Medical Group's Zeiss Kitzhic Anti -Performant Crystal Surgery is the largest."

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