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Consultation/Appointment Hotline,实时新闻 Sales Inquiry/Appointment Hotline of Zhongshan Diyin Lake Town: 40000-36833 【Marketing Center】

Appointment visit to enjoy discounts Sales 1V1 Professional Introduction Real Estate 〢 Welcome to inquire about the real estate

Comprehensive introduction of real estate projects: including real estate floors, housing, sales location, the latest discount activities, real estate addresses, units, traffic planning, filing price, education school district supporting, business facilities, and latest progress. Welcome to inquire

The project covers an area of 3,500 acres, with 10 major flagship facilities including thousands of acres of Diyin Lake, 200 acres of Tianjiahe ecological farms, Hilton five -star hotels, Minson Information Technology Industrial Park, and University Town planning.The current project is selling products, villas and shops,

Lonely Lake Villa 490-1542㎡, 70-year-old property rights pure single-building pro-lake living model, 3,000 acres of ecological market next to the Shenzhen-Central Channel, Egret is the accompanying 5A Diyin Lake Scenery

Basic Information of Yaju Lemin Sydin Lake Town Project

Address: No. 1, Di Yin Road, Triangle Town, Zhongshan City

Developer: Zhongshan Citizen Mori Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Occupy area: 3000 acres

Lotch ratio: 0.52

Greening rate: 48.8%

Between property rights: 70 years

Total number: 118 buildings

Delivery time: current building

Property company: Minson Property

Property fee: 3.3 yuan/㎡/month

The area of villa sales: 490-1542 ㎡

Unit: Five -bedrooms, two halls/seven rooms and three halls/nine -bedroom and five halls


Minson Group was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong.

Zhongshan Citizen Mori Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Minson Real Estate) is a backbone enterprise of Minson Group.Enterprise was established on April 12, 2005 with a registered capital of $ 6 million.The group headquarters is located at the intersection of Gaoping Town, Sanjia Town, Zhongshan. Minson Real Estate mainly develops industrial parks, hotels, golf courses, high -end residential communities, and integrates development, sales, leasing and property management.enterprise.

The traffic conditions of the project of Yaju Lemin Morin Lake Town

1: The bus platform is about 200m from this project, and the bus 208, 302, 34 and town buses can be passed by the station, which can reach Shi Qi in about 30 minutes;

2: Triangle Bus Station is about 2km from this project. The station is set up to passenger routes to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shunde, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and other places.

3: The nearby highway network is dense,Jingzhu high -speed export is 300 meters away from the community,Nansha Port fast, Zhongjiang Expressway, and Guangzhu West Line have been connected to each other. The main cities of the Pearl River Delta are within 1 hour, and they will go to Shenzhen Airport, Baiyun Airport, and Zhuhai Airport for about 1 hour.

4::There are Nansha Port near the port,Zhongshan Port has a drive of 20-30 minutes and can reach Hong Kong and Macau.

5: 15 minutes' drive from the Midshan Station of the Pearl River Delta urban light rail, and the major cities in the Pearl River Delta are within 30 minutes.

Environmental supporting facilities of Yaju Lemin Simi Town Town:Diyin Lake Scenic Area and Bailima Park are unparalleled resource supporting facilities.It is a sign of a city with a variety of ecological effects such as beautifying cities, regulating the small environment of urban environment, improving urban air quality, maintaining urban ecological balance, and disaster prevention and mitigation.That is to drive many aspects of the surrounding industrial structure, commercial consumption, municipal support, etc.

Sales consultation/appointment hotline phone number:40000-36833

Appointment visit to enjoy discounts Sales 1V1 Professional Introduction Real Estate 〢 Welcome to inquire about the real estate


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