This sport is getting higher and higher, the main "conspicuous package"

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Did you watch it?hot newsThe world's highest vertical marathon recently held in Shanghai, it feels very good!

I heard it for the first time ~ This vertical marathon does not feel like everyone can participate ~ Let the experts give us popular science ~

Medical consultant

Shanghai Fifth People's Hospital

Wu Junguo chief physician

Suitable crowd

Generally speaking, vertical marathon is suitable for people aged 18-50 years old, and has ample physical fitness. It also has training experience for long-distance running and climb stairs.

In addition, participants should conduct targeted exercises in their daily exercise to develop and improve their physical fitness, such as single -foot single -step jumps, step -by -step jumps, Bobby jumps, sideways squats, frog jumps, step push -ups, etc.

What benefit

In a short period of time, the contestants climbed the landmark buildings of the place where they could enjoy fitness., Experience the artistic conception of "it will be the top of the mountain, see the small mountains".

In the campaign of climbing stairs, the muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. are well stimulated, and the physical fitness levels such as endurance, strength, and speed have also improved to achieve good fitness effects.

Vertical marathon is a popular sports event. It not only provides new types of exercise methods for ordinary people, but also promotes social networking between aged groups. At the same time, there is no lack of entertainment. Therefore, the enthusiasm of sports enthusiasts is relatively high.


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1. Participants have a positive attitude to physical exercise.The challenge of the vertical marathon is that everyone starts to run with themselves. When the players are climbing high -rise buildings, I don’t know how fast or slower other players are running.Perseverance and patience.

2. Strengthen physical fitness.The characteristic of vertical marathon is that the strength is large, and the flexibility of cardiopulmonary function, legs and hip power, ankle and knee joint is high. It is recommended to start training from the bottom number.

3. Medical examination before the game to rule out cardiopulmonary system diseases and terrorism.Note that vertical marathon is not suitable for patients with heart disease, hypertension, joint or respiratory system problems, and pregnant women, younger or larger people are not recommended to participate

4. You need to wear special anti -skates and related protection equipment.In the process of climbing, keep your body stable and avoid suddenly stopping or turning at high speeds.


The vertical marathon is carried out in the stairs of high towers and high -rise buildings. If it appears in the game, it will hurt themselves and other participants.Everyone must ensure their own safety when they participate, and beware of exercise damage.

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