Original Australia and Hanhua signed a $ 2.4 billion IFV demand contract

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Original title: Australia and Hanhua signed a $ 2.4 billion IFV demand contract

Thehot news red back IFV (above) weighs 42 tons, and the length, width, and height are 7.9 meters, 3.64 meters, and 3.75 meters, respectively.Its maximum road speed is 65 km/h, which can accommodate three occupants and up to eight soldiers.(Hanhua National Defense Australia)

Australia's Hanhua Defense Corporation (HDA) said in a press release on December 8 that the Australian Ministry of Defense (DOD) has signed a contract worth 2.4 billion U.S. dollars with Australia's Hanhua Defense Corporation (HDA), according to its LAND 400The third phase plan delivered 129 red -back soldiers (IFV) to the Australian army.

According to HDA, the contract includes the development and delivery of the training system and the support system component, until the final acceptance (FA) in 2029, and the preliminary support contract was signed in the first five years after delivery.

Han Hua said that Red Back will be delivered in 2027, and the last car will be delivered at the end of 2028.The company added: "With the development of the project, it will also produce a series of 8 prototypes in South Korea and Australia."

According to the Ministry of National Defense, RedBacks will be operated by the 3rd armored combat tour of the Army in Twisville.

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