This year, sports shoes are not popular, "no marks and coats" are the correct way to open this winter this winter

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In winter,Express information although many people want to wear a temperature and demeanor, but because of the lack of the clue, they are losing their arms with elegance and fashion, especially for some older mothers and grandma.key.

In the cold wind in winter, a storm caused a storm on the fashion stage, overturning people's traditional concepts of winter wear.It was frozen in the cold, but let us discover that sports shoes are no longer the protagonist on the fashion stage!In this winter, farewell to sports shoes, we have ushered in a new wave of "no trace boots and coats", which seems to be the correct way to open in winter.

Setp1. How to choose the "free boots" in winter

① According to the texture of the boots

Most of the soft leather -free boots are matte materials such as deer skin and foolpiper. The ladies and sisters wear it to look very low -key and temperament.The color of soft leather without trace boots is not high, and no matter what color you choose, you will not step on the mine.In the cold winter, if you want to choose a pair of basic boots, try the earth color, black, gray and so on.

The velvet texture itself is a relatively expensive material, so you can choose velvetless boots to wear in various formal occasions.In addition, velvet -free boots are more matched with long skirts, optional items such as A -line skirts, straight skirts, etc., young ladies and sisters can wear elegant temperament.

② According to the height of the boots

Women with thicker legs, it is recommended to choose non -trace boots wrapped in the ankle. Do not be too long. This can focus on the ankle and use the vision to create a slender sense.And the loose bottom + narrow and long -length boots can be used to avoid the weakness and modify, and it looks tall and thin.

Women with poor leg shapes can try the height of no trace boots under the knee, use tall boots to create a silhouette, with this silhouette line instead of the lines of the legs, visually the legs are straight.Note: The boots should be loose, and the material should be stood up, so that the modification effect is prominent.

③ According to the heel of the boots

Heel boots are divided into thick heels. The thick heels are stable and generous. It is suitable for matching trousers, jeans and other trousers. The thin heel pointed short boots and the lower knee skirt are born with a pair, which is especially suitable for elegant and intellectual temperament.

Regardless of which boots, the heel degree is best controlled at about 5 cm, which can be lower, but not too high.In addition, everyone can use boots concave shapes, and the color of the boots and bottoms can be uniform, so that the sight will be extended!

④ According to the color of the boots

Although the color is a very good item, it is not for us to choose casually. According to the choice of the basis, what color can be resolved in your hands.Wearing it is a feature that others cannot copy.

To look dazzling, the first way for many girls is to choose bright colors, but not all bright colors can be worn at will. In the bright color, avoid the color with high saturation.The skin color looks very dark, and it is easy to have visual fatigue.

Setp2. How to choose the "coat" in winter

① Select the right length

Different height characteristics, the corresponding coat lengths are different, and sisters cannot blindly follow the wind!Like a petite figure with a height below 160cm, the coat can be parallel to the knee, but do not exceed the bottom of the knee; so as not to be covered with the original leg length by the coat, the shape looks dull and procrastinating.

And sisters with height above 165cm, the version choices are more widely selected. If you want to be a little casual, you can choose a short coat with the hip line.With a pair of fashionable boots, it is more advanced to show the gas field ~

② According to the neckline of the coat

We also know that the V -neck has a thin effect, but the neckline is too low, and the sight will naturally move down. If it is not a girl who is very confident in height, this style will look shorter.This also explains an interesting phenomenon, that is, it is difficult for us to see model photos that buckle coat buckles in some stores.

For example, such a wide coat with a wide collar, the models are deliberately gathered together when they are taking pictures. This is to avoid the widening of the collar on the shoulders.This kind of clothes are not suitable for girls with wider upper body, and thin girls wear even more disaster.

③ According to the fabric of the coat

The choice of fabrics will affect the texture of the shape and the comfort and warmth of their own wearing. Autumn and winter generally use cashmere and woolen materials, which are tight and thick, warm and compatible.

In addition, using such a thick fabric can keep the coat a certain sense of stiffness and bone skin, which is conducive to setting up our cool and domineering side, and at the same time, it can improve the wearing experience and temperament.

Tips ①The width and narrow contrast, focus on the upper body

The concept of width and narrow contrast is that we must wear it in the daily life in winter. From most of the machine -changing items, we can see that the focus of warmth is on the upper body.According to this feature, when wearing a short coat, you should choose to choose a slim single product instead of pairing with wide -leg pants. Otherwise, don't blame you to look so earthy and fat.

Of course, in terms of wearing, the upper width and narrow dressing strategy encounters the wrong body, and the effect is not good. The thick legs are not recommended to use the "upper width and narrow" wear ideas, because this idea is because of this ideaReally enlarge your body shortcomings.

Tips ② Exposing the neckline and inside to avoid boring

detailOften it is something that inadvertently plays a decisive role. As far as we wear, those subtle are often the charm of wearing.For exampleFine cuffs, necklines, hems and anklesThese places seem to be useless, but they are actually the focus of dressing.

In terms of cuffsIn the days of wearing a coat, there are two benefits to exposing the cuffs in the inside.The first is to increase the color contrast between the inner coat and the coat. When wearing a long jacket, exposing the cuffs can increase the taste of dress, and it is no longer a sense of dullness revealed by a single color.

Tips ③ Open wear+optimization ratio of high waistline

"Waistline" is the most notable detail in the whole body except the shoulder. The waistline can be said to be the key point to divide the upper and lower body. With the appropriate waistline, in addition to the good figure, it can highlight the good body, but it can highlight the good body.You can also get closer to the standard.

So the better way to get better in autumn and winter is to choose a top with a belt design itself. Let us do n’t have to deliberately choose a short top to divide the upper and lower body. Is it smart enough?

Not only sharing wearing, but also hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external repair are beautiful!If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

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