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Written article | Yao Yong Primary School Sen Luzhou Yue

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The child uses electronic products improperly,

The problem of mental health is high!

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The impact of electronic products on the physical and mental health of teenagers has always been a topic that we are concerned about.Recently, the Yunting Zhang team of the National Children's Medical Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College analyzed the relationship between electronic product playback content and kindergarten children's mental health.The research data comes from Shanghai's children's health, education and lifestyle assessment-pre-school survey. A total of 1,5965 kindergarten children participated and surveyed the entire kindergarten education for 3 years.The results showed that the proportion of children watched educational programs (45.0%to 26.8%) and entertainment programs (44.4%to 32.1%) gradually decreased, while the time for social media (1.5%To 27.1%) continued to increase.Watching educational programs related to the low risk of children's spiritual problems, rather than children -oriented electronic product playback content can increase the risk of children's spiritual problems by 1.82 times!But regardless of the content, the time of the exposure of electronic products and children's mental issues are continuously related.The author suggested that parents should shorten the time for children to use electronic products and correctly guide the educational content.

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Is the anti -aging substance in carrots actually it?

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Delaying aging is the life goals that most people are pursuing.Recently, the scientific research team led by Michael Ristow and Erick M. Carreira, a Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, analyzed the 1,200 compounds extracted from plants. It was finally discovered that a kind of pyraded compound ISOFALCALINTRIOL originating from carrots has obvious anti -aging effectsEssenceData show that isoFalCarintriol can affect the cell respiratory function of mammalian cells, nematodes and mice, and combine with the ATP synthesis A-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-submissives of the cell "energy factory" mitochondria to promote mitochondrial biological synthesis.At the same time, isoFalCarintriol can inhibit tumor cell growth, enhance the movement and anti -response excitement of nematodes.Adding iSofalCarintriol to the daily diet of the elderly rats can also improve the glucose metabolism of animals, enhance animal movement endurance, and reduce animal fatigue.Although ISOFALCARINTRIOL's anti -aging effects are only confirmed in mice and nematode models, the author believes that isofalcarintriol has a bright panoramic view in delaying, improving or preventing human aging -related diseases.Related papers were published on December 8 in the "Nature · Communication" magazine.

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Tai Chi

It can improve the sleep quality of patients with advanced lung cancer

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Sleep disorders are very common among patients with advanced lung cancer, which increases the physical and psychological symptoms of patients, leading to a decline in quality of life and survival.Recently, the Chia-Chin Lin team of the University of Hong Kong Li Jiacheng Medical College has completed a clinical trial of three public hospitals to participate in the four-year exercise to improve the quality of sleep quality of cancer patients.226 patients with advanced lung cancer are randomly divided into 3 groups: the aerobic exercise group (every month under the guidance of professional staff, 60 minutes of aerobic exercise each, last 16 weeks), Tai Chi exercise groupThe 60 -minute Yang's Tai Chi, last 16 weeks) and the control group (WHO's proposed exercise).The results showed that 16 weeks and 1 year after the start of exercise, the sleep quality of the aerobic exercise group and the Taijiquan group was significantly improved, and the Taijiquan group was better than the aerobic exercise group.Compared with the control group, the survival rate of volunteers in the Taijiquan exercise group has also increased significantly.Related papers were published on December 7 in Jama Oncology magazine.

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Female cardiovascular disease patients drink less juice

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Eating more fruits is good for health, but the impact of drinking juice on health has always been controversial.Recently, the XIAOYUE XU team at the School of Public Health, the University of New South Wales in Australia analyzed the risk of fruit intake, drinking juice, and death risks of patients with cardiovascular disease.18603 volunteers have died in the 13 years of the 13th year of studying follow -up.Statistics show that inadequate intake of fruits and high fruit juice (greater than 330 ml per day) make women cardiovascular disease patients increase by 12%and 26%due to risk of death.High amount of fruit drinking + sufficient amount of fruit intake and high fruit juice + less fruit intake increases the risk of death of patients with cardiovascular disease by 18%and 43%, respectively.However, this correlation does not exist in patients with cardiovascular diseases, and there is no obvious correlation between drinking juice drinking and cardiovascular disease.The study reminds that patients with cardiovascular diseases are more conducive to health than drinking fruit juice.Related papers were published on December 5 in the "Jaha" (Jaha).

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Diet supplement 3-醇 methanol

Or can prevent neonatal hidden spore infections

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Roman virus, stealth, pathogenic E. coli, and Viso are 4 general pathogens for neonatal diarrhea. The hidden sporoids can be transmitted through drinking water to infect intestinal epithelial cells.Repeated infection of CIMC can also cause malnutrition in infants and young children, slow growth and damage to cognitive development.Recently, the Adam Sterio team of Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom found an important role in suppressing the growth of hidden spores in the intestinal CD8+epithelial lymphocytes (IEL).Further studies have found that CD8+IEL expresses aroma -based hydrocarbon receptors (AHR) and rely on AHR to exercise functions.AHR deficiency can reduce the number of CD8+IEL, reduce its cytotoxicity, and exacerbate the infection of hidden spores.In the diet of new mice, supplementing AHR excitement 3-molten alcohol (common in Circus such as broccoli) can increase the resistance of animals to infection.Related papers were published on December 4 in the "Cell Host & Microbe" magazine.

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Why are smoking more likely to suffer from tuberculosis?

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Data show that smoking can double the risk of active lung tuberculosis, and 10%to 20%of new tuberculosis patients are attributed to smoking every year.Recently, the Douglas S. Kwon team of Harvard Medical College has found the cause of smoking to promote tuberculosis infection.Researchers found an immature inflammatory mononucleuclear cell in the bronchial inflammatory cells of the smoker.From the perspective of the phenotype, this cell has just moved from peripheral blood to the lungs, is differentiated, and has high activity, which is similar to the single -core cell state separated from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.What's more important is that the infection of this monocyte to the infection of Tuberculosis shows a high inflammatory response. Compared with mature macrophages, it can accelerate the proliferation of the tuberculosis in the cell.Flame suppressive drugs such as dexamethasoneone or SP600125 can alleviate the rapid proliferation of rotorobacterium bacteria at mononuclear cells.The study clarified the cause of the increasing increasing perceptual perceptual perceptual perceptual of smoking, and initially pointed out a new treatment strategy.Related papers were published on December 6 in the magazine of Science · Transformation Medicine.

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3D diagram of human head embryo development

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The head brings together the most important sensory organs of the human body. It is the key part of our cognitive world, and the structure is extremely complicated.Because of this, the evolution and development of the head have always been a hot spot for scientists.With other vertebrates as a model, researchers have made many major progress in the field of animal head development.Recently, the Alain Che´dotal team in the Institute of Visuality of the University of Sorbon, France, used advanced full -sized immune staining and 3D imaging technology to synthesize the complete 3D cell map of human head embryos.The diagram presents detailed development sequences of different tissues and cell types of the head, including muscle, vascular system, cartilage, peripheral nerves, and exogenous glands.This study is part of the Human Cell Atlas project, and scientific researchers can access the data set in the papers by logging in to head 3D developmental maps are of great significance for us to understand the skull defects and neurological diseases and the diagnosis and treatment strategy of improving related diseases.Related papers were published on December 8 in Cell magazine.

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