Our delegation visits Australian universities

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Our delegation visits Australian universities

At the invitation of McCarui's University, from December 5th to 9th, Ji Mingming, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the School, led a delegation to the annual meeting of the Education Cooperation Conference of the Global College of Macquarie University in Australia.

As a representative of the college, Jiming Ming introduced the history of our school's historical revolution, development of development, advantageous disciplines and majors., Continue to broaden the field of cooperation, further carry out higher -quality in -depth cooperation such as joint training, doctoral projects, teacher -student exchanges, and cooperative scientific research.

Bruce, the president of McCaru University, highly agrees with Ji Mingming's proposal. He said that in recent years, the two universities have been closely exchanged and have a solid cooperation foundation. While operating the existing joint training projects, they will actively promote all -round cooperation with Nantong University.

In the seminar of the international cooperation project, the delegation and the head of the Department of Medicine, Health and Humanities and Sciences of Macquarie University.Reach multiple consensus.

During the meeting, the delegation met with Patrick, Patrick, Vice President Li An, and Minister of International Affairs David.The delegation also visited the students who were studying at our university at McCaru University.

The delegation and our school's translation majors jointly trained the project student discussion

This annual meeting was sponsored by McCarui's University, intending to strengthen the cooperation relationship between McCarui's international colleges and universities, further promote relevant cooperation projects, and further improve the implementation of the "Student Exchange Program for Student Exchange of High -level University in China and Foreign and Foreign".The meeting invited the global cooperation institutions of McCaru University to give a keynote speech, high -level dialogue, group discussion, project discussion, comprehensively evaluating the development of cooperative projects, and discussing deepening inter -school exchanges.

In 2021, the translation majors and mutual recognition training projects of the Chinese -Australian credits jointly carried out by our university and McCari University were approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. It has been successfully implemented for three years.EssenceAt present, 23 students in our school are studying at Macquarie University. After completing their studies, they will receive bachelor's degrees at the same time.

The relevant person in charge of Xinglin College and the International Cooperation and Exchange Division accompanied the visit.

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