The Chinese team's "card bug" speculation?Standarding the Paris Olympic Games, there are another problem to be resolved

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In 2023,hot news the International Federation of Cartars was fighting.Luo Shifang successfully won 3 gold medals with a 59 kg of women's 59 kg grades, supporting and total scores. Liao Guifang won three silver medals in the women's 71 kg competition.

This time, Liao Guifang lost to North Korean player Song Guoxiang, may be affected by injuries!During the Hangzhou Asian Games, Liao Guifang's elbow was strained. Now the injury has not been fully recovered, and the loss of the game is also reasonable.

Although the Chinese team performed well in the Qatar Grand Prix, attentive netizens found that the main players of the Chinese weightlifting team did not all play, and the Li Lijun and Tian Tao did not debut!It is worth mentioning that Li Lijun, Tian Tao and others have signed up for the Qatar Grand Prix.

In this regard, some netizens speculated that Li Lijun, Tian Tao and others signed up to participate in the Qatar Grand Prix. If they did not appear, they may be the strategy of the coaching team and prepared for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.Essence

As of now, less than a year before the Paris Olympics, the China Weightlifting Team has another major problem to be resolved!In the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, there are 5 men and women in men and women, but each team can only participate in 8 levels of projects. How should the Chinese weightlifting team choose a difficult problem.

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