Original she had no intention of inserting Liu Liu into the shade, and she was praised as a stupid girl. After running on TVB for 10 years, the dragon left, and now invisible

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Original title: She has no intention of inserting Liu Liu into the shade,突发新闻 and she is praised by the stupid girl.


Hong Kong TVB is a dream factory and a crushing machine. Many young people with dreams of celebrities come to the big stage. One shot is more than ten or twenty years. Perhaps even men and women can't do it.For a lifetime of dragons, even if there are more audiences, for me, everything is embarrassed.You Cheng is almost such an actor.

You Cheng, a native of Hong Kong, China, joined TVB in 1995 and did not play the heroine.However, there are many hot dramas she has participated in, including "True Love", "All Happy", "Sister Tuo Gun 3", "Miao Handen Heart", "Criminal Investigation Archives IV" and so on.

You Cheng's appearance is not amazing, but he is very durable and very feminine. The show is very realistic. With the experience of the work in a part of the work, it is obviously improving.What, not a thousand people.

But such a solid acting drama throw his face, but he has not been valued by TVB.What girls, maids, girlfriends, female classmates, female tea guests, a male girlfriend, wife, second milk, prostitutes and so on.And many of them are either so overbearing, or they are stupid, and IQ are not online.

It is always difficult to play this kind of "silly white sweet", or evil characters.However, although often performing some non -inflowing characters, You Cheng's audience fate is still very good.

Mrs. Lu Zhihong, who played "Criminal Investigation Archives IV", knew that the corpse was not her husband when she went to the corpse of the teacher's house.

She also has a role, which is even more puzzling.In the classic costume drama "All Happy", she plays a girl named Begonia, who is doing things slowly, and speaking is also slow. It looks a little bit of light.And everyone's love.

Some audiences even said that watching "Happy Happy" is to see You Cheng, which is really a high reputation.However, the audience likes to use so many costumes and modern dramas. The shape of the characters is also remarkable, but it is not red.

According to reports, You Cheng is versatile and is good at swimming and guzheng. He is not inferior to his appearance.

Perhaps the day when he saw his head, You Cheng chose to bid farewell to the old owner and switched to a real estate agent.

In 2011, TVB artist Wei Jiaxiong took a photo of a meal with friends, including You Cheng.This surprised her fans, but it was only a glimpse, and it was difficult to see her trace on social media.It is rumored that she married a wealthy businessman in the Mainland and gave birth to a daughter. She probably taught her daughter at home.

Previously, TVB replied to "Criminal Investigation File IV" in the late night. Some Hong Kong audiences also read You Cheng, but the time suddenly, she has not been done before the scene for many years.

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