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China Net Tourism,breaking news December 13th. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, recently, the number of tourists from new self -driving travel in my country has increased, and the Chinese embassies in New Zealand reminds tourists to pay attention to the following safety matters:

First, be sure to learn the New Zealand traffic rules in advance, keep in mind the left, and comply with the rules of the road at the intersection of the traffic intersection, the island and other places.

Second, New Zealand rainfall is frequent, the roads are slippery after the rain, the traffic conditions are complicated, and the slopes of the mountain areas are steep. Before departure, you must check the condition of the car and pay attention to the weather forecast in advance.

Third, it is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking or fatigue, pay attention to speed limit and prohibited signs.Pay attention to traffic signal lights, polite pedestrians.

Fourth, strengthen awareness of safety precautions.Do not put your wallets and other valuables in the car conspicuous after parking.

5. Prepare personal and vehicle documents and beware of loss.While properly custody, write information on the name, address, telephone and other information on the passport "Emergency Information" page; copy the passport information page, driver's license and translation, etc., and store it separately with the original.Once the passport is lost or damaged, please contact the embassy and consulate immediately for help.

contact number:

New Zealand Alarm Tel: 111

Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline (24 hours):: 24 hours):



China Embassy in New Zealand Tel: 0064-4-4995022

China Consulate General in Oakland: 0064-9-5251200

China Consulate General in Creed Cycus: 0064-3-3411016

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