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On December 12,最新新闻 the laughter of one after another added a touch of dynamic and vitality to the quiet Zhoujiaqiao Street Care Center.All students from the "Sunshine House" and "Sunshine Heart Garden" from Zhoujiaqiao Street, and students from Changning Road Primary School jointly kicked off the prelude to the "dirty fusion fun sports meeting".

The colorful flags, colorful balloons, childlike cheerful words ... The careful layout makes the atmosphere of the Games scene full.The sports meeting was jointly organized by Zhoujiaqiao Street Disabled Persons Federation and Zhoujiaqiao Street Unde -sed Station. It has 8 interesting competitions including fishing, pillar, sandbags, rods, and skipping rope.

The disabled and the children cooperate with each other. While completing these endless fun competitions, they also won the permission points; and the teachers, parent representatives and young members from the jurisdiction actively participated in itCheers and shouts are constant.
This event is a vivid practice of the "home school society" of the street unburrelated station. The children and the disabled people help each other and cooperate with each other., Understand and care for the special group of society.In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere of more than two hours, the fun sports meeting came to an end. The disabled people and children held hands to raise a shiny award and set the wonderful winter.

"The disabled fusion sports meeting, enhance the communication and understanding of the disabled and the sound people, not only helps disabled people get out of their families, integrate into the society, and obtain more opportunities to show and express themselves;And difficulties, provide more help for it. "Zhou Jiaqiao Street said.
It is worth mentioning that the standardized construction management of the "Sunshine House" of Zhoujiaqiao Street has been obtained by the four -star assessment a few days ago. This is also an affirmation of the long -term attention of the streets of the disabled and concerned about the material life and spiritual and cultural needs of the disabled.

It is understood that Zhoujiaqiao Street relies on the Care Center and is guided by the needs of disabled people to carry out multiple courses such as safety education, education and training, labor training, rehabilitation training, and social integration to meet the needs of the disabled people to integrate into the society and create the participation of society to participate in the society.A good atmosphere of help.

Writing/Photography: Zhu Wenxuan

Edit: Qianqian

Responsible editor: Yan Wenbin

*Reprinted, please indicate from "Shanghai Changning"

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