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Financial Association | New Consumption Daily,实时新闻 January 10th (Researcher Liang Youyou),Recently, with the implementation of the "Class B and B" policy, not only the number of passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong and Macao has increased significantly year -on -year, but cross -border tourism products including Southeast Asia, Europe and other places have also moved to hot.

On January 9, Thailand ushered in the first batch of Chinese passengers. After 269 passengers landed on Bangkok Airport, they were immediately welcomed by local staff.

On the afternoon of the same day, Chinese tourists took off their flights, and surprised to meet the Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health, who came to pick up the plane, and Minister of Communications of Thailand, Qi Qiaobu, Thailand Tourism and Sports Minister Pipipa, and on -site staff members.Flowers and souvenirs were also given to the travelers.

"China is back (China is back)" has become a hot word for the Thai tourism market.In an interview with the media, the President of the Thai Tourism Association Steova bluntly stated that we are inseparable from Chinese tourists. Many tourist cities in Thailand are looking forward to the return of Chinese tourists.

The first batch of Chinese passengers were welcomed by Thai officials (second from right: Thailand Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Antein)

Ctrip's data confirms this, and the relevant search volume of the Spring Festival outbound and group tour products has soared 6 times.As of January 5th, the overseas travel orders during the Spring Festival holiday of the platform increased by 540%from last year; the average cost of orders increased by 32%year -on -year.The top five outbound destinations on the platform are Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

Under the stimulus of rapid growth of cross -border tourism search, domestic tourism platforms have launched the Chinese New Year tour products for the Chinese New Year. The heads of tourism and travel agencies of many countries have also revealed the welcome of Chinese tourists.However, there are still many problems to be solved if Chinese cross -border tourism wants to return to its peak.

Chinese tourists return!Southeast Asia advance

According to the relevant person in charge of Zhongxin Tourism, the first day of the implementation of the "Class B and B" policy. As a representative of the popular destination of the "four -hour flight circle", Thailand's heat is the first to heat up.

From the perspective of consulting data, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore have become the country with the largest number of consultations.In addition, Southeast Asian countries and visa -free and landing destinations, such as Maldives, Phuket, and Bali, have become the focus of tourists.

Flying Pig data shows that in the past week, Thailand's visa application has increased by three times year -on -year, and the number of buyers for Thai destination tourism products has increased by 10 times year -on -year.

According to official predictions of Thailand, the number of Chinese passengers entering the country through aircraft in 2023 will reach 7 million to 10 million. In 2019, the total number of tourists to Thailand is 5.8 million, and the number is only 274,000 in 2022.

On the Ctrip platform, in the hotel orders with a reservation of more than 20 days, Thai hotel orders account for 44%.

Compared with Europe and the United States, which is farther away, and Japanese and Korean regions with limited flights and policies, Southeast Asia, which has a warm climate and more enthusiastic attitude, is the focus of recent cross -border tourism recovery.

"For a long time, Thailand, as a tourist destination, has been favored by the Chinese people. Before the epidemic, it has been at the forefront of the popular destination of outbound tourism for many years."In terms of the recovery of service ecology for outbound tourism and the polishing and optimization of product experience, on the other hand, it is also actively promoting cooperation with key destination tourism bureaus with Thailand.

At present, in addition to Thailand, the Government of Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia has proposed a new welcome policy for Chinese tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia will strengthen the implementation of the "China Preparation" tourism white paper plan; Singapore is expected to bring Chinese tourists in 2023 to bring a retail sales of 2 billion Singapore (about RMB 10.2 billion); Malaysia plans to be at all airports across the countryStaff staff who speak Mandarin to ensure that Chinese passengers are going to travel smoothly. It is expected that more than 1.5 million tourists will be received in 2023.

At present, Xiamen Airlines, Oriental Airlines, and Spring and Autumn Airlines have increased flight recovery speeds in the Asia -Pacific region. Flights from countries to Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries will continue to increase.

According to reports, before the Spring Festival, the passenger rate of the Thai Airlines flight of Xiamen Airlines has reached 90%, and some date tickets are sold out in advance; air ticket sales flying to many countries in Southeast Asia have increased significantly.

Wu Ruoshan, a special researcher at the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the president of the New Era of the Institute of Culture and Tourism, told the New Consumer Daily, "As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, the outbound travel or a wave of small peaks, Southeast Asia and visa -free countries will become China in ChinaThe first batch of overseas destinations that tourists are paying attention to. The marketing activities launched by the Thai National Tourism Administration jointly catered to the travel needs of Chinese tourists, quickly reflected and prepared from the supply side, and provided goods and services for the recovery of outbound travel needs.Assure."

However, he also mentioned that when launching related entry -exit products or marketing activities, merchants and tourism platforms need to fully consider the visa matters of tourists, timely release the instructions of the epidemic prevention and control policy of destination countries, etc., and orderly restore Chinese citizens in an orderly mannerOutbound tourism.

New products of multi -country tourism are in preparation

Not only in Southeast Asia, but Japan, France, Spain, Australia and other countries have also expressed their welcome to Chinese tourists. Many of them have actively prepared new tourism products.

On January 9, the Japanese Embassy in China began to resume the acceptance and issuance of tourist visas to Japan. Although the short -term tourist visa is still restricted, it is not affected by multiple round trip, study abroad, and work visas in 5 years.Japan ’s Japan Travel Industry Association (JATA), which has 100 travel agencies, told the media on behalf of Sang Mingmei that after the Chinese team travel is restored to normal, the recovery of the Japanese tourism industry will be a psychological agent.

According to Sang Mingmei, compared to the epidemic, today's tourists are more inclined to have higher value -added deep tour, rather than simple sightseeing, such as trying more projects and contents that I don’t know before, and this will be preparations for the Japanese tourism industry.The new direction of starting.

France, which is far away from Europe, is also looking forward to the arrival of Chinese tourists.Data show that in 2019, there were 2.2 million tourists from France in France, creating a sales of 3.5 billion euros in France.

The French tourism industry predicts that by April, Chinese tourists travel to France will usher in an outbreak. At the same time, the first batch of returning tourists should be individual travelers, and large tourist groups will still be recovered.In order to welcome Chinese tourists, French tourist practitioners have begun to contact suppliers, hotels and tourism bureaus.

Local travel agencies in New Zealand also actively communicate with Chinese travel agencies while welcome to formulate new tourism solutions and supporting self -driving travel services to welcome Chinese tourists.New Zealand Tourism Nash said that many tourists are looking forward to the return of Chinese tourists, which will bring great benefits to New Zealand's tourism industry.At the same time, he also looked forward to seeing another leap in travel consumption.

In addition, the South African Tourism Bureau and local tourism practitioners have begun to be busy for the arrival of Chinese tourists.The Chief Representative of the Asia -Pacific District of the South African Tourism Administration, Mutamu Mohammad, said that it has newly opened direct flights from China to South Africa. Recently, it is also planned to continue to carry out tour roadshow and tourism product seminar in China.

At the same time, many domestic tourism facilities in South Africa have also renovated and increased in the past three years. The unique natural scenery and the holding of the 57th World Table Tennis Championship hoped to attract more Chinese consumers.

In the Middle East, Dubai also plans to host the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in January and restore the "Happy Spring Festival" tour activities.

Cross -border tour enthusiasm still takes time to recover and comprehensively recover.

"We have never given up their hope of recovery of outbound travel. The core business team has reserved so far, hoping that the popularity of Thailand tourism can be quickly." Cai Zeyao, the person in charge of the US holiday e -commerce, said excitedly.

Although tourism bureaus, travel agencies, and many domestic practitioners have begun a new round of "recruiting soldiers and horses" to meet the peak of the upcoming tourism demand; however, there are many people who have recently traveling, whether it is visa applications, airlines or travel agencies,The speed of its operational recovery has not yet kept up, so that cross -border travel during the Spring Festival still focuses on business travel, visiting relatives and friends.

The person in charge of Zhongxin Tourism believes,In the early days of the outbound market recovery, the purpose of exporting the country showed a diversified and customized demand.In the short term, long -term demand for long -term outbound demand for business visits, visiting relatives abroad, and studying abroad.

Data show that the overall number of international flight supply is still low, and the number of international flights during New Year's Day is equivalent to about 7%in 2019.Wang Yi, an analyst at Fei Changzhong International Air Tickets, said that currently major domestic airlines are actively applying for international routes to resume flights. It is expected that the international flight volume will increase significantly during the conversion of March at the end of March.

Due to the difference in distance, the current outbound tourism tourism is only the Asia -Pacific region, and tourism needs to Europe, America, Africa, South America and other places have not yet ushered in an outbreak.The real cross -border tourism peak, especially the centralized travel groups of large and small tourism groups, may increase with the number of flights in March, and it is expected to usher in the peak of entry and exit in the summer vacation.

According to the judgment of the person in charge of Zhongxin Tourism, with the further opening of the policy, the recovery of my country's tourism market will show the trend of domestic tourism to drive out of the country.It is estimated that the May 1 Golden Week or summer will feel the significant changes in the entry and exit market.

Tongcheng Travel CMO Bai Zhiwei believes,In the past three years, the supply chain of outbound tourism has been seriously affected.In addition, fluctuations in the global epidemic may still have an impact on the outbound tourism market. The international situation and the global economic impact will also bring uncertainty of exchange rates, affecting the turnover and recovery speed of supply chain funds.

Kishida, chairman of the Osaka MK Travel Service Company in Japan, also said in an interview with the media that at present, due to the lack of tourists from China, Japan's entry tour only returns to about 30%to 50%before the epidemic.As soon as the entry tour has restarted, Japanese tourism facilities, duty -free shops and other places still face the problem of lack of hand.

The domestic tourism industry, which has been silent for three years, is also facing the shortage of talents.Due to the sluggish performance, many practitioners have chosen to change careers before. At present, the major travel agencies have reorganized teams and attracting outbound tourism talents.

On January 10, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Department of Market Management, the National Guide Qualification Examination, which was postponed from 2022 to 2023, will start on March 25.It is expected that after the test, the domestic tourism industry will usher in a group of newcomers in April, but it will take time to quickly train them into mature tour guides with rich experience and can respond to various emergencies.

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