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Huang Jing

  On December 12, Beijing time, the woman's pre -patrol champion Huang Jing caught the bird in the last hole in the east of Xiamen, broke through the crowded leader list, and won the first round of the Oriental Chinese Women's Gong.Fang Yiyuan also became a news figure. In a day when she frequently appeared in a low rod, she played the third world tour in the history of women.

  Huang Jing surrendered 67 shots on Tuesday, 5th than the standard pole, leading Singapore girl Chen Xuanxuan, Beijing Girl Shi Yuli, and Zhang Yunxuan, the champion of the Women's Championship of the Last Station.

  Ye Lei, a graduate of Stanford University, set off in the morning, scored 69 shots, and tied with New Zealand Chinese girl Xu Suyang in the fifth place.


  The two powerful competitors of the women's bonus king, Serman, and Zeng Liqi, played 70 shots, in the seventh group in the seventh.

  On Tuesday, Xiamen Qingfeng came and the temperature was appropriate. In addition, the Oriental Stadium was shorter than in previous years. After noon, the number of good rods continued to appear on the lead list. Among them, Zhang Yunxuan, a professional newcomer who settled in Dallas.Two weeks ago, she just led 6 shots and achieved the first career in the CPC Women's Championship.After she continued to catch the birds on the 13th and 14th holes, her results reached 6 shots below the standard pole. Unfortunately, she swallowed 2 bogey in the last three holes.

Zhang Yunxuan

  "This round really rises and falls, and push into a long bird push up, but the next hole is taboo for three.It's a pity that in fact, the push rods pass by several times, but-4 shots are also a good start. "

  When Zhang Yunxuan fell, Huang Jing, who set off behind, seized the opportunity. On the 13th hole, the five -rod hole was pushed to catch the birds, and then pushed into a 12 -foot push pole on the 18th hole., Also jumped to a separate leading position.

  "The hit within 100 yards was a distance that I needed to strengthen, but today my performance has really improved," the 26 -year -old player said. "I play very peace of mind, and I can hit the distance when I can easily catch the birds twice.. This is where I am satisfied today. "

  Huang Jing's goal set in the first round is -3, which remains unchanged in the second round."Recently, my friend taught me a method to set a goal for myself every day. Every day I completed the task and I felt satisfied. Tomorrow I also set like that to go in a direction in that direction." In 2018, Eastern celebrities celebritiesThe Wuhan Challenge champion said, "The goal I set for myself today is -3, and I definitely achieved this goal. After returning, I can sleep well. I will set the same goal tomorrow. But like todayI actually reached -3 in the first nine holes. At this time, I will adjust it, and the post-nine dong finds a way to hit another -3. "

Chen Yingxuan

  Among the players who completed the game in the morning, Singapore's 24 -year -old girl Chen Xuanxuan performed the best.In the past two years, she has been fighting in the United States. After she caught three birds in the latter nine cave, she hit 5 below the standard pole, but the No. 17 cave swallowed Bai Bo."All the rods, hardcores, and wooden rods are all played well, creating a lot of opportunities to catch birds. In addition, today the push rod also pushed into some," In 2017, the "Bo Rui Cup" Women's Golf Summer Challenge said,"In the past year, my push rods have been struggling. I have been practicing the push pole for a few weeks. I pushed into a few beautiful push rods today. I feel very happy."

  Xi'an 22 -year -old girl Fang Yiyuan scored 74 shots and was located in 49, but she had a shot but became the best player throughout the day.Cave 13, 478 yards, five -rod holes, she opened the ball No. 1 to the long grass on the right side of the driving lane on the right, and there were 180 yards left.She took out the No. 5 iron response, one shot directly scored into the ball, and she had toured the first goddess in the woman in the past four years.

Fang Yiyuan

  "I didn't see the small ball into the hole," Fang Yiyuan said, "But the player in the same group said that she heard the sound of the ball hit the flagpole, and she said that the small ball should enter the hole. When we walked over, I saw that the small ball was inIn the cave cup, I am quite excited. This is definitely an unexpected joy. "

  This is the first time Fang Yiyuan's career has played a believer. She had only had an experience of one shot once.

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