Original she is the brightest star in the world of Chinese music, but she failed to resist the blow of marriage

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Thereal time news songs sung by Li Yan are very popular in the Asia -Pacific region and in the world Chinese music scene. Her music album is very popular and sales are very good.

Since 1995, Li Yan has held more than 30 personal concerts, including more than 10 world tour concerts.

Li Yan has won numerous awards in singing careers.Among them, heavyweight awards include:

Channel [V] International Most Popular Chinese Artist Award in the 23rd Global Chinese List, the Best Female Singer Award for Asian Influence, Asian Golden Melody Awards annual Chinese Music Supreme Award, the Malaysian Golden Melody Awards Asia -Pacific Most Popular Female Singer Award,Asia's Most Outstanding Performance Award, Top Ten Golden Melody Awards, the 1st Global Chinese Song Ranking Best Stage Expressing Award and Media Award, the 20th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Original Film Song Award ("Moonlight Lovers"), 2001The 3rd CCTV-MTV Music Ceremony Asia's Most Outstanding Female Singer Award, in August 1999, won the Asian Most Popular Singer Award in the Foreign Rankings in August 1999 and so on.

Li Yan not only performed well in the music scene, but also a person with a strong sense of social responsibility. He repeatedly participated in social activities and activities and presented his love for society.For example:

In 2008, a large earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. Li Yan donated 2.2 million Taiwan dollars to produce a disaster relief radio version of "I Have A Dream", calling on the public to contribute money for earthquake relief.

On August 27, 2010, he attended the performance of the "Love in Yushu" in Hong Kong and sang the song "Blessings".On August 8th, he participated in the charitable star variety show "Lightning Star" in Shanghai to raise 100,000 yuan in love for children in the mountainous district of Yunnan.On August 15, he returned to Taiwan to raise funds for children with physical and mental disorders.

In August 2012, as the "Pink Ambassador", he attended the "Pink Revolution" of the "Pink Revolution" of the "Pink Revolution" of the Hong Kong Foundation.

In August 2013, a major earthquake occurred in Ya'an, Sichuan. Li Yan went to our Red Cross Chengdu Disaster Preparation Center to be volunteers. He prepared a truck of a truck in advance and transported to the people in the earthquake area.

Because of the outstanding contribution of Li Yan in the Chinese music scene and her social influence, Li Yan won the outstanding contribution award at the "Hong Kong Wen Po" celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic in 2009.

As Li Si's sister Li Silin said: "2023 should be the 30th anniversary of Coco Li's debut. In the past 29 years, she has worked hard to bring us endless happiness and surprise in addition, I have been going all out to shine for the Chinese, we are proud of her. "

Many people don't understand. Why is Li Yan who has a cheerful personality, strong will, positive, outstanding achievements, and a booming career. Why suffers from depression and seriously leave?

In fact, behind Li Yan's career, his personal life encountered great suffering.

According to Li Yan herself, her body has been suffering from illness.

The worst of these is:

Li Yan was born with a disease with his left leg. He had surgery at the age of two, but the operation was unsuccessful, and he would not walk at all when he was discharged.But the little Li Yan learned to walk with a strong willpower.In the following years, Li Yan relied on her right leg to support her whole body.

And since his debut in 1993, Li Yan, who sang and danced on the stage, has always been supported by his right leg.Li Yan said: "After every dance or concert, my legs are terrible, but I never let people see my painful side. For so many years, I just want to present my best side to everyone,As long as everyone is happy, it is worth it. "

Until in early August 2023, Li Yan said that he "because he was dancing, because he was too hard, he touched the old sufferings, the hip was shifted, and the nerve line was suppressed without the protection of the cartilage."The monthly hospital was admitted to the hospital for surgery.

Li Yan posted a Weibo before hospitalization and said:

"I have endured the pain for many years, and now I have been unable to live normally. God forced me to face it. For so many years, dancing on the stage is actually supporting the whole body by legs.I remember that when I was a kid, the doctor said that I could not dance, so it can be considered a miracle after so many years. I thank you for doing so much. "

"I only know that no one can determine my destiny. Everything depends on my own efforts. Who said you can't, the more you have to prove that you can show him."

"I hope I can return to the stage soon. The earlier you see me, the more it means that I have brought very good news. I hope you can wait for me to come back. I also hope to convey this positive energy to everyone."

In August 2023, Li Yan went to the hospital and said, "The operation is successfully completed. Although it hurts, I have to learn to walk again, but I can."

Li Yan cheered herself on Weibo and comforted her fans:

"Attitude determines everything. Now I am a female warrior and faces a big challenge again. When people are always fragile, this is inevitable, but we must always remember that the sun comes out after the dark clouds.Strive step by step, I know I can definitely. "

In addition to the long -term trouble of the left leg, in August 2016, Li Yan also suffered from acute bronchitis and completely lost his voice, and his throat occurred in severe conditions.

But none of these cracks on Li Yan. She faced all this with a tenacious and tough willpower and an optimistic attitude.

Li Yan has repeatedly emphasized that he is a female warrior who will not fall.She wants to overcome all difficulties and continue to shine on the stage.

She said, "Now I am a female warrior! I will face new challenges and new starts in my life. I want to re -practice walking, I hope everyone will accompany me to spend this difficult journey. I will never fall through the Great Wall!"

It was her unfortunate marriage that really gave Li Yan the biggest blow to her depression and aggravation.

According to the Hong Kong media, Li Yan suffered from depression due to her marriage problems a few years ago because of her marriage problems.However, Li Yan has been working hard to do his disease from time to time to enlighten his emotions. However, recently, the condition has changed sharply. The 80 -year -old mother and two sisters know that the situation is serious and take turns to accompany her from time to time.

Li Yan and her 16 -year -old husband met in 2003. They talked about eight years of love and held a wedding in Hong Kong on August 27, 2011.

However, her husband is a veteran who has caused her to cherish her at all, and regardless of 20 years of affection.Her husband was unfaithful and chic.Li Yan has repeatedly advised and forgive me many times. Her husband is still doing everything, and he does not think about repentance at all.

According to reports, before Li Yan's death, she and her husband had been separated for two years.Before Li Yan died, he was going through the breakup procedures.

Li Yan has always regarded her husband and his ex -wife's two daughters as herself, and took care of it carefully.After the marriage, the two successors ignored the right and wrong, and stood unconditionally to their father while accusing Li Yan.This makes Li Yan more sad.

In the case of Li Yan's left -leg disorder and unable to walk at all, in the case of major surgery in the hospital, he should have been cared for care of the other half in his life.However, her husband only cares about herself, and she is not beside Li Yan at all. She ignores Li Yan's physical illness and trauma. This is undoubtedly a fatal blow to Li Yan, which increases Li Yan's condition.

The Li Yan we know is not a cowardly woman, not a person who is afraid of difficulties.On the contrary, she is a very strong, brave and optimistic person.

Because of her strength and bravery, her optimism and openness, she has been singing and jumping on the stage when her left leg was born with severe illness.Do surgery.

Because of her strength and bravery, and her optimism, she has achieved irreplaceable results in the world of Chinese singing with her fearless spirit.

I watched a farewell 2023 and welcomed 2023 on August 31, 2023.She has been encouraging herself with the most optimistic attitude attitude and strong will, and encourages fans, but she chose to go to another world under the strike of severe depression.Perhaps at that moment, because of the serious condition, she could no longer choose and could not help herself.

On August 2, 2023, before Li Yan left, he still sent voice news to the fans, saying that she had been cheering. She was working hard that she was still telling the fans to pay attention to her body and say that she missed everyone very much.

Say is still in the ears, Sri Lanka has passed, and lives are like that!

Marriage is a heavy hammer that is the most likely to destroy the psychological defense line of infatuated women. Women must bear the blow of this heavy hammer.

Let the deceased rest in peace.The living people should be stronger and bravely face all the calamities in fate.When Wuyun passed, it was a sunny day.

August 6, 2023

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