Each floating paddle board will eventually reach the sea

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American poet Whitman once said: "Being a sailor in this 热点新闻world goes to all the docks." For Ye Zhou and Lin Dongzhang, paddle boards are not just a love of love, but also the tools for them to explore the broad world.

On December 3rd, Sunday's sunny afternoon, a little bit of white sails on the lake on the lake of the happy coast of Nanshan District, sweat and smile appeared on the face of the tender teenage.The purple flag of the 2023 National Paper Board U series (Shenzhen Station) was also inserted on the shore. As the 2023 Shenzhen International Marine Week branch venue, last Saturday, the fierce paddle competition was also staged on this lake.

The paddle board is an emerging water sports in China, just like flying disks, camping, etc. In recent years, there has been a social upsurge. Search on a social platform with up to 350,000 notes.So, while contacting Ye Zhou, a player who once participated in the 2018 World Passage Championships on behalf of China, I also asked Lin Dongzhang, a juvenile teenager who participated in this competition.

At this time, there was no paddle board on the lake.Is my doubt about the wrong interview place and should I go to the sea?At this time, Lin Dongzhang and his father Lin Shiming appeared together, and both were as tall and strong.The 16 -year -old teenager is wearing school uniforms, raising his head, and wearing glasses. His skin tone is not the kind of bronze color that has been exposed under the sun for a long time. He said that he is just an amateur enthusiast of paddle boards. Because of this competition, he and the paddle board that have been seen for a long time.Reunion.

Why do people like paddle boards?What is the development of paddle boards in Shenzhen?What are the stories of people playing paddle boards?With a lot of curiosity, I followed the teenager's telling as if it was led to the seaside of Shenzhen.

On the blue and clear sea, a plate, a paddle, and one person seemed to be Lin Dongzhang, and it seemed to be Ye Zhou.


Lin Dongzhang learned and registered two weeks before the game, but he did not touch the paddle board for almost three years.

Lin Shiming is from Chaozhou. He grew up at the sea since he was a child. He also hoped that his son who grew up in Shenzhen could get close to the sea.Therefore, as long as he organizes the youth summer camp at the beach, he will bring his son, and even Lin Dongzhang learns to swim, and he is thrown in the sea to learn by him.During a 2017 event, 10 -year -old Lin Dongzhang met the paddle board.

The paddle board was first stemmed from the paddle board of Hawaii in the 1960s.The surface of the paddle board is relatively large and has more buoyancy, which makes it easier for players to master the balance, and it is also equipped with paddles. You can experience the fun of paddle forward on various water surfaces.

At that time, the Dapeng Peninsula was hosting the Chinese Cup Sailing Race, and a lot of surfing boards and paddle boards were placed on the shore for citizens to interact.Under the guidance of the coach, Lin Dongzhang slowly kneeling on the paddle board, learning how to stand up on the board to maintain a balance, and then use the paddle to draw it out. Although it also dropped the water several times during the learning process, the launch of the water is equivalent to playing water to play with water.For a child, this is a fun and easy sport.Since then, Lin Dongzhang has fell in love with the paddle board, and often goes to the beach on the weekend to draw paddle boards, and his father saw that he had fun and learned.

In the second year, the 6th Shenzhen Dapeng Cup Sailing Race and Youth Sailing Race, Passage Board Open, and Kayak Open opened in Dapeng Qixing Bay Yacht Club. The paddle board was a new group event that year.Lin Dongzhang, who had already played a year of paddle board, suddenly wanted to know how his level, so he signed up.There were 16 players in his group in that game, and Lin Dongzhang won the championship of the youth group.

▲ Lin Dongzheng

Lin Dongzhang, who was in junior high school, became less and less frequently in the seaside to play paddle boards because of academic reasons.At this time, he came into contact with golf, and the paddle board seemed to have been forgotten.

"You have been abandoned for so long, why do you want to participate in a nationwide paddle -on competition?" I couldn't help asking.

"Mainly focusing on participation, no matter what the result is, J is to experience it." Lin Dongzhang's answer was as many as a teenager as many years ago.Despite this, Lin Dongzhang will take the "old friend" paddle board for a long time. For the first time, he has impacted the national competition for the first time. The psychological pressure is still not small.

Compared to Lin Dongzhang at this moment, Ye Zhou, who was preparing to participate in the international competition 5 years ago, will inevitably bear greater pressure.

At that time, Ye Zhou was engaged in the work of paddle board in Shenzhen.One day in November 2018, just ending a paddle board surfing competition held in Shenzhen. Ye Zhou returned to the shore to apply ice and wounded feet. He picked up the mobile phone and saw that the WeChat group was "exploded".Congratulations to her, it turns out that she was selected to send the Chinese team to participate in the 2018 World Passhouse Championship!If you look closely at the red -headed document, it is still a long -distance long -distance sea padding group with a high difficulty, and only two weeks are left before the game.

Excited, proud, nervous, and embarrassed ... Ye Zhou's mood was mixed.


"I might not be able to draw a second time in my life. First of all, I never had the opportunity to represent the national team to participate in the competition, and then I rarely had the opportunity to score for 18 kilometers in the state of the competition." That game was still Ye Zhou's paddle's pitch.The most impressive experience in the board career.

Why is Ye Zhou?"It may be because there are not too many players who play paddle boards at that time, and there are even less experienced experience." Ye Zhou on the side of the phone recalled that because of pregnancy and other reasons, she ended in Shenzhen this year.Work and return to Foshan, who grew up from a young age.

According to online information, in 2009, the well -known surfing promotion agency "surfing China" first brought the paddle board surfing to China, and appeared on the 2009 surfing China Carnival, allowing the Chinese to contact this novel movement for the first time.Ye Zhou remembers that in 2016, the Hong Kong Platform Federation (in Hong Kong, the paddle board is known as the upright board) came to Shenzhen to open experience classes and the coach class of the ISA International Surfing Association, and slowly trained the first batch of paddle boards in Shenzhen and HuizhouPlayers and coaches.And she was "flickering" who was tested by the coach certificate, and ran from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Tung Chung and participated in the paddle camp.

▲ Ye Zhou

In contrast to the swimming skills in the sea, Ye Zhou is a drought duck.This is the first time she has arrived in Shenzhen, and she is the first time she has seen such a transparent sea that makes her bright.Wearing a life jacket, Ye Zhou took this panel with expectations and excitement, and went to the sea with other partners.Turning up by accident, Ye Zhou found that she was more than 100 meters offshore. She never appreciated the sea from this perspective. It felt great.

What surprised me the most was that I just learned to travel on the first day, and the next day, Ye Zhou dared to follow his teammates to cross the east and west for six or seven kilometers at the sea.Ye Zhou said that she likes riding and climbing mountains, and sometimes it is no problem to ride 50 to 100 kilometers a day. She is confident in her physical fitness.

However, nature will always give you a little test inadvertently.On the day of the east -west surge, the calmness is a favorable condition for novice paddle boards, but at the same time, without wind, the sun is even more ruthless.So Ye Zhou, who was going well, was heat stroke when he returned. Finally, he was lying on the board and was dragged back by his teammates.After many years, when the partners saw that Ye Zhou broke into the World Championships by breaking the wind and waves, he would also play: "Ye Zhou was still a little girl who was dragged back by me."

With the growth of the young girl at that time, not only did the technology of paddle board motion more familiar, they also always had the original courage and confidence.

Facing the huge challenge of the World Championships, Ye Zhou conducted endurance training in the only weekend.Because she was the only one, there was a hidden safety hazard in the public seas, and she found a 1 -km long water river channel, and it was drawn back and forth for 3 and a half hours.After returning to the homestay, I fell asleep after lunch, and fell asleep from 12 o'clock to 4 pm before returning to God.

Similar to Ye Zhou's situation in 2018, Lin Dongzhang in 2023 must also practice before the game in a limited time.He hasn't been on the board for too long. He is like a beginner. After falling the water, finding a balance, and standing up, he slowly retrieves the feeling of playing the paddle board.He just learned to turn around, and the days of the game came.


On the summer when Ye Zhou met the paddle board, she also fell in love with the sea.After careful consideration, she resigned from Guangzhou to work overtime from nine to five, came to Shenzhen, and entered the paddle board, and did a variety of tasks such as commentary, operations, and coaches.Her choice is also accompanied by many doubts. For example, family members ask, you do n’t know how to swim, why go to the beach?For example, friends are worried that she will not be able to marry if she is so dark. For example, after the list of the World Championships is announced, many people bet that she can finish the game ...

On the day of the World Championships, Ye Zhou's leg injury had not been cured.The paddle board is a special exercise that particular about the ankle, and there is a running journey when departure and rushing. She can only bite her teeth.

The waves that day were very large, and the distance of 18 kilometers seemed to be pulled longer. Looking at it, only the buoyant and the mountains and the sea.Ye Zhou has only one idea, "I have to finish this 18 kilometers!" When the last 500 meters sprinted, she heard that foreign hosts in the broadcast shouted her name on the shore.EssenceFor the first time, Ye Zhou discovered that when he heard "refueling", he couldn't help crying, and he would be more powerful when he saw the national flag.

4 hours and 6 minutes, Ye Zhou was the last ashore player, but for her, it was a new record.

From the beach to the hotel, there was about 1 km away. Ye Zhou had no strength after walking 200 meters, and a male teammate carried her back.When she was bathing, she was wrapped warmly by the hot water of the shower, and Ye Zhou's nerves finally really relaxed and began to cry.She finally completed this great task, and she responded to all doubts with actual actions.

After that, when Ye Zhou encountered difficulties and wanted to give up, he often remembered that game, and told himself, "It's 18 kilometers down, what else!"

Lin Dongzhang also encountered a 4 -kilometer long -distance skills race that has never been challenged in 2023 National Paper Board U Series (Shenzhen Station).

For the first time, Lin Dongzhang rented a competitive board faster and narrower than the casual board. After a brief adjustment and adaptation, the game began.Soon, a bridge hole appeared on the lake, which narrowed the original spacious waterway.Many players "hit the board" here and have fallen into the water, and Lin Dongzhang is also one of them.He was anxious in his heart, and returned to the board for a while. He met the players who met the front panel to fall into the water and followed the water again.The second obstacle was a sharp turn. Lin Dongzhang's skills were not proficient. The board hit the wall, and the center of gravity was unstable and water dropped.

At the same time, Lin Dongzhang saw that some professional players lightly and quickly passed the obstacles, and the movements were beautiful.Instead, he calmed down slowly. "The spirit of sports is more important. No matter how many times it falls, I have to get up and complete it." The change of mentality has made Lin Dongzhang more stable and stable.More than one player.

The sixth place in the group, Lin Dongzhang did not stand on the podium, but this is a new chapter of him and paddle board.


I didn't see Ye Zhou, but I watched a documentary about her on the Internet -thin, dark skin, and bright smiles. During the game, she was dexterous and persistent, serious and kind at work, and enjoyed the paddle board alone on the sea.The appearance of time is sometimes lazy, sometimes cool.Her full name is Zhu Yezhou, but most people seem to only remember the last two words that are the most appropriate to her -a leaf flat boat that is free at sea.

At that time, the paddle board rookie, who was dragged back, learned to swim, obtained the coaching permit, participated in the World Championships and participated in the music MV directed by Han Han, and gradually became a professional old player in the paddle board in Shenzhen.Ye Zhou likes a poem by American poet Whitman: "Be a sailor in this world and go to all the docks." For her, paddle board is not just a loving movement, but also a tool for her to explore the broad worldEssence

The total area of Shenzhen marine waters is 1145 square kilometers.The vast sea area of Shenzhen is connected to the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The total length of the coastline is 260.5 kilometers. It has well -known beaches such as Da Meisha, Xiaomeisha, Xiyong, and Orange Fishing Sand.In recent years, Shenzhen has seized opportunities and is accelerating the construction of a "global marine central city" with competitive, innovative and influential.With the increasing official and folk events, the club has sprung up like a rain. Ye Zhou has also witnessed the development of the Shenzhen paddle board in these years.In the years when Ye Zhou has been a coach in Shenzhen, he can clearly feel that the age of the customer group is decreasing, and more and more teenagers have fallen in love with paddle boards.

But at this time Ye Zhou asked me suddenly: "Do you know which age group of the paddle board?"

I took it for granted: "It should be a teenager."

"Wrong, the most retired uncle and aunt." I was surprised.Ye Zhou went on to say, "In fact, this crowd is more time." She said that although Shenzhen is a coastal city, the cost of going to the sea to play paddle boards is a bit high, which has also caused many young people to fail to persist.

I suddenly remembered the happy coast and lake on the Sunday. After Lin Shiming greeted the club coach, Lin Dongzhang picked up the paddle board to fall into the water, and quickly showed the stroke attitude on the water not far from the shore, and soon went ashore.

"Do you know why there are so many Zhongshan and Foshan players?" Lin Shiming also asked me.I have previously interviewed and learned that in 2023, the three groups of the three groups of the three groups of the National Paper Board U series (Shenzhen Station) mostly comes from Zhongshan and Foshan.

"Because they have inner lakes, they are open to paddle boards." Lin Shiming also said.He has expressed the same views as Ye Zhou. There are so many high -quality public waters in Shenzhen, which are open to rowing, open to sailing, but rarely open to paddle boards.

The paddle board has unique tolerance, which can be compatible with water movements such as surfing, diving, and can also be connected with the movement of yoga and flying plates on the land.Development prospects.Ye Zhou said that many inland cities in China are currently effectively using the water bodies in the city to make the local paddle board movement rapidly. If Shenzhen can open the city's waters to give more paddle players, it will greatly reduce the threshold of beginners.EssenceOf course, in the eyes of Ye Zhou, every piece of board floating in the city in the city will eventually reach the sea.

As the 2023 Shenzhen International Ocean came to an end, Lin Dongzhang's life returned, but the paddle board returned to his leisure sports choice again.He still likes the pulp, likes to challenge again and again, and break through the happiness and achievements brought by again and again.

Lin Dongzhang and Ye Zhou did not know each other, but in the photos of Lin Shiming sent me in the photo of the 2018 Dapeng Cup Passage Step, Lin Dongzhang was the champion of the youth group.Frame.

"Unexpectedly, a few years later, I met again." At the end of WeChat, Ye Zhou felt emotion.

I think, maybe in the future, they will meet again because of paddle boards.

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