Those who start exercising and fitness must understand these

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How many times we have to practice a week before it is 一手资讯effective?

Is it better to practice twice a day?

Do I work every day?

What level should a more reasonable fitness frequency be maintained?

We must figure out the frequency of training and make better arrangements, so we must understand what changes we have experienced after training.

Of course, after exercise, the body has made various changes, and we roughly make some stages:

The first stage: From a full training, we started to say that within a few hours after the end of a large intensity training, the sugar sources in the muscles were more consumed, the body accumulated a high degree of fatigue, and the nervous sensitivity decreased.We need to rest, and at the same time, the brain will secrete the signal "require" the body to rest.

The second stage: 1-2 days after training, the body slowly recovered, reserved ATP and myoggly, protein supply and demand in the body, and hormone balance gradually adjusted.Regardless of whether it is muscle increase or fat, the process of physical changes can only be concentrated and efficient from this time.

The third stage: 2-3 days after training, the body is basically recovered, and the level of exercise and desire is high.

The fourth stage: is the stage of the body's downhill. After 3-7 days, the motivation of the body decreases, the psychological desire is reduced, and the level of exercise has decreased.

From these four stages, we can clearly find that the third stage of physical recovery is the most suitable for re -training. Grasp this time can make your body feel more and more, which is a stage with high efficiency.

So I suggest that the second training is best to rush before the end of the fourth stage, after the second stage.It is best to control between 36 hours and 72 hours. Basically, it is trained every two days. It is trained once every Wednesday or the next day. It is trained four times a week. These are good choices.

But things are often not as easy as we imagine.

We can actually practice one dayThis does not violate the above laws.We take muscle training for example, practice breasts on Monday, practice on Tuesday, and practice on Wednesday. Then we can continue to practice chest training on Thursday. For the muscle on the chest, it has been resting for a long time.

We can even train twice a day when diet and sleep are in place!

Many professional athletes do use the practice method of "practice twice a day, two cycles a week".For example, practicing chest and arms on Monday, training back and shoulders on Tuesday, practicing legs on Wednesday, cyclical on Thursday, and rest on weekends.

Such practice methods are suitable for advanced fitness enthusiasts and enhance muscle enhancement.Practice diligence, eat right, muscles are long.

However, the rhythm of such training belongs to the full load operation. If your physical condition is not in place, it is easy to accumulate physical fatigue, so insomnia, cold, diet can keep up, psychological pressure (such as being forced to marry, loved, scolded by the boss, someone owes you owe youA lot of money, Lao Wang next door) is not suitable for using such high -intensity training.

Of course, there is a very important thing to remind everyone to pay attention that everyone's recovery speed is different. Some people can train the same muscle the next day. Some people need one week, and even the same person depending on the training content. Sometimes it takes a day to take a day.Rest, sometimes it takes a week.

So the time arrangement is dead. We feel you live. Don't listen to what I say, listen to what your body says.

First, you must understand first, what is recovery.

Many people do not understand what the so -called "recovery" refers to.

Generally, in our exercise, body nutrients are consumed, such as sugar, protein, and fat. The so -called fitness can lose weight. In fact, the consumption of fat uses exercise (of course, because exercise can improve our basic metabolism).

At the same time, the original ingredients will also destroy the original ingredients in the exercise, such as muscle training can destroy muscle fibers.

The so -called recovery refers to restoring the body to restore these consumed nutrients and restore destruction ingredients.

Restoring nutrients is a fast process, and the process of restoring destruction is slow, so I think popular recovery should include:Retate after fast exercise and long -term recovery of slowlyEssence

2. So what will I recommend?

The three methods of common promotion recovery are as follows:

1. Do a good job of warm -up and stretching before and after training;

Full warm -up: including traditional simple cardiopulmonary training, muscle training movement, and warm -up, including systemic stretching, which can help the body enters the state of exercise better and avoid injuries during exercise.

And full stretching after exercise: It can help muscle relaxation and gentle exercise. Whether you have done aerobic or strength training, it is necessary.

When it comes to "accelerating recovery", I generally take this as the first point, because you haven't even done the exercise you should do well, and want to rely on eating some "supplements" to accelerate recovery?You tease me?

2. The overall diet intake;

Overall diet: including the total daily intake of daily diet we required. Among them, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, etc. must all meet our demand.

In popular terms, there are three meals a day. Even if you are reducing fat, you must eat the basic needs of your body.

Many times you feel that your condition is not good, or your body is difficult to recover, because of lack of nutrition.

To put it plainly, even the old driver like me, maybe you get an oily Hummer, can it be soared?

Our inquiry of nutrition must be based on "total nutrients", that is, long -term and daily insisting on eating enough nutrients is the minimum requirement for health.

Under normal circumstances, the reserves of nutrients in the body do not have true meaning. However, too low nutrient reserves can consume muscles in the body and lead to a decline in physical health.

So, if you don't even eat "rice" enough, don't talk about recovery.

3. Dietary intake before and after exercise;

After talking about the overall diet intake, let's talk about the intake before and after exercise.

There is no so -called "best method" before and after exercise. Generally, it depends on the form of the exercise itself. For example, if you eat a nitrogen pump before aerobic ... it is not much fun.

The intake before exercise helps the body to quickly obtain nutrition, so as to better participate in exercise, which will also bring more quickly recovery after exercise.

The intake after exercise is directly and effective nutritional recovery. To put it bluntly -the phone is out of power, I charge you!

So, we generally choose the following three types of products before exercise (Common situations, only as a reference)),:,

Quickly absorbed sugar (such as bananas)+caffeine products (such as coffee, nitrogen pump)+protein/amino acid.

Among them, sugar is dominated, and the remaining ingredients do not need a lot.

For the intake after exercise, we generally choose the following two types of products (Common situations, only as a reference)),:,

Quickly absorbed sugar (such as rice, or even glucose)+composite amino acid.

Still sugar -dominated, remember, don't eat protein powder immediately!

Third, are the so -called "promotion recovery", is it reliable?

In most cases, the so -called promotion recovery is not unreasonable.

1. Promote recovery by intake some amino acid products.

Theoretically, products such as BCAA and Amino can help the body recover, but this meaning does not mean that you eat it when you eat it -this promotion recovery is just helping us to restore our body.Muscles get some nutrition.

But muscle recovery still takes a long time, and it will not be like eating so many amino acids.

Therefore, for rapid recovery after exercise, sugar+amino acid products are much more effective than protein powder. After all, protein requires the body to hydrolyze again, and amino acids do not need.

2. Promote recovery by ingesting some minerals and special nutrients.

Common products are: sleep promotion agent (such as ZMA, melatonin, etc.), testamental testers.

In fact, the gimmicks of such products are mostly promoting hormones, but in the end they are not directly recovering, but indirect help to recover.

However, when we return to our previous research on "hormone -promoting agent", most of the so -called "hormone promotion" will not really promote body hormones, just stay in the concept of propaganda.

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