Please note that studying in Australia: New requirements for this visa may increase the refusal rate

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According to the Australian "Taschao Chinese Network" report,Breaking news according to Australia's new visa requirements, the number of overseas students studying in Australia may decrease by up to 70,000.

Internal sources of the Australian government estimate that 30,000 potential students will not be able to pass the GST (Genuine Student Test) exam, and more than 40,000 students will not be able to pass the newer higher English requirements.

The increase in the rejection rate and the slowdown of the approval time have brought down pressure to the number of international students, especially vocational education.According to new regulations, the Australian government will improve the current language requirements, which will keep Australia's standards between Australia and the United Kingdom and Canada.

According to official data, with the severe crackdown on the Australian government's visa vulnerabilities, the approval rate of higher education visas has been reduced from 87.5%from 2022-2023 to 80.4%, and Vocational Approval Rates has been reduced to 71%.

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