Evaluation Information: A list of preferred enterprises in the asset evaluation of the Sichuan -Senior Supervisor / / List by word of mouth

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Evaluation Information: Preferred Enterprises of Sichuan -Supervision Assembly Assembly Evaluation // List by word of mouth

1. Evaluation method adopted by Sichuan -Senior Super League service asset assessment

(1) cost method
The//惊爆资讯 cost method is the basic method of over -service asset evaluation methods. The theoretical basis of the cost method is the historical cost measurement measurement.It is mainly to deduct the cost value obtained by various substance, functionality and economy with reset costs.The condition used by the cost method is that the above parameters can be reliably measured.This method does not completely consider the time value, and the assessment of the conclusions and the actual value bias are often very large.In practice, a small number of over -service asset evaluations that do not have a wide range of markets that do not have a wide range of markets and are not easy to sell adopt this method evaluation.

(2) Market Law
Market law refers to a method of using the same or similar assets in the market as a reference to determine the value of the evaluation value of over -service assets.The premise is that there is a similar, open and active market.When there are more similar similar categories in the market, the closer to the actual value, the closer to the actual value.In practice, if the evaluation of specific fixed assets, there is no enough comparable reference objects in the open market, and the market law is not applicable.The composition of iron and other raw materials such as copper and steel has an active market, and the market price often changes rapidly. Especially during the period, the price of raw materials has risen sharply.A large amount of raw materials such as copper, steel and other raw materials, the disposal price of the later, is much higher than the residual value.In this case, it is also more appropriate to use market law evaluation.

(3) Equipment method
The revenue method is a method that is determined by the estimated futures revenue flow of assets and the appropriate discount rate discounts to determine the value of asset value to be evaluated.The time value theory of the income method is mainly introduced, and the calculation includes the revenue flow, the discount rate and the income period.Because the expected expected income flow is difficult to work, the revision and use of the discount rate are also estimated, and the subjective color is large.This method.In actual work, evaluation of over -service asset evaluations that are not valuable to use, when the cost method is not used to evaluate the cost method; because the income is uncertain, the income method cannot be used for evaluation, and the asset evaluation of overdue service is to be approved.Analysis and weighing often adopt market law evaluation.

Evaluation Information: Preferred Enterprises of Sichuan -Supervision Assembly Assembly Evaluation // List by word of mouth

2. Application conditions and steps for over -service asset assessment application

The assessment of over -service assets shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and policies and policies, and will be carried out by professional institutions or individuals with corresponding qualifications and experience.During the evaluation process, it is necessary to fully consider the actual situation, use period, and residual value rate of assets to ensure that the evaluation results are accurate and reliable.At the same time, the evaluation process should be transparent and open, protect the interests of all parties, and prevent potential risks.
And we must meet the following conditions to apply for scrap:
1. The life limit is too long, the function is lost, the value is completely lost, or the value cannot be used without repair;
2. The product technology is backward, poor quality, high energy consumption, low efficiency, is eliminated and is not suitable for continued use, or technical indicators have not met the requirements of use;
3. Severe damage, which cannot be repaired or can be repaired, but the cumulative repair fee is close to or exceeds the market value;
4. The main attachment is damaged and cannot be repaired, and the main body is still available, which can be partially scrapped;
5. The instrument and equipment of tax -free imports shall be expired during the supervision period. It can be applied to the customs to terminate the supervision and obtained approval before the application for scrap

Sichuan Zhongtian Asset Evaluation Co., Ltd. has gathered a large number of professional evaluation talents, with a rigorous and sound quality control system and internal management system.There are 8 professional registered asset appraisers and 4 other assistants. Among them, 8 are specialized in asset evaluation for more than 10 years.After more than 20 years of evaluation and practice, our company has a very rich technical and market experience. At the same time, rigorous quality control, sound internal management system and standardized operation process have created the "spirit of the middle and heaven team"With the wisdom of the group, it provides customers with standardized professional services.

Evaluation Information: Preferred Enterprises of Sichuan -Supervision Assembly Assembly Evaluation // List by word of mouth

The procedure for the asset evaluation of overdue service includes the following steps:
Preliminary assessment: Preliminary assessment of assets applying for scrap to understand their basic situation and value.
On -site survey: On -site survey, verifying the actual situation of assets, including the degree of damage and use status, etc.
Detailed assessment: Based on preliminary assessment and on -site exploration results, the assets are evaluated in detail to determine its final value.
Review and approval: Submit the evaluation results to the relevant departments for review and approval to ensure that the reporting standards and procedures are met.
Disposal: After obtaining approval, disposal of scrapped assets can be treated, and can be sold, transferred, scrapped and other methods.

Evaluation Information: Preferred Enterprises of Sichuan -Supervision Assembly Assembly Evaluation // List by word of mouth

Third, the objective asset assessment objects include overall assets, single assets, project assets, real estate, intangible assets, corporate value, fair value and other types of assets.

  1. The overall assets are all assets of the enterprise, including single assets and intangible assets.
  2. Personal assets include: machinery and equipment, professional production lines, forests, fruit trees, flowers, landscapes and other mobile assets and long -term investment.
  3. Project assets include: land, surplus asset value, unfinished project value, project facilities, etc.The plan to invest in the acquisition project to determine the future development prospects of investment projects.From the aspects of resources, technology, market, economy, society, etc., objectively and accurately analyzes the relevant data and actual situation of the project implementation.
  4. Real estate includes land, buildings (houses, factories, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, clubs, refrigerated warehouses, churches, schools, hospitals, garages, golf courses, resorts, power stations, gas stations) and foundationsBridge, railway and highway facilities).
  5. Incantance assets include: intangible assets are divided into recognizable intangible assets and irreversible intangible assets.Recognized intangible assets include patent rights, proprietary technology, trademark rights, copyrights, land use rights, franchise rights, etc. The irreversible intangible assets refer to goodwill, brand, and entrepreneurial value.
  Intangible assets can also be pledged and invested in purchase, providing a value basis for harmonious claims.
  6. Corporate value consists of a variety of variable elements. The core is the long -term capacity of enterprises to generate economic value and profitability.my country's current accounting index system cannot effectively measure the ability of enterprises to create value. The financial performance based on accounting index does not mean the actual value of the enterprise.Calculate the book value of an enterprise and confirm the value of intangible assets.Intangible assets are often ignored.Intangible assets cover technology, management, enterprises, talents, etc.

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