Three recognized high -fat fat efficiency exercises allow you to improve your lung capacity and accelerate your body fat burning

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Taking advantage of the discounted fitness card, I do n’t know where lying on the “gray card” now?After spending a long time, do you still insist on running the treadmill?Night wanted to go out to run at night, changed into sports equipment and turned to eat supper.Most people are pretending to exercise through the excuses of fitness, but they cannot pay and persist.

Human sweating is a process of detoxification. There are only two ways of detoxification: human detoxification:Sweating or urinating, and sweating is the most effective.Sweating is also divided into active sweat and passive sweat. Passive sweating refers to the stuffy weather (usually summer) or sweating when the mood is irritable. This method of sweating is harmful to the human body.It means that you sweat while exercising. This sweating is conducive to physical and mental health.

Do you think, walking on the street with a big belly, or is it better to walk on the street?Although fat people are warmer than thin people in winter, thinking about it, what else is the benefits of obesity besides warming?

In addition to getting a disease, if you are very serious, you may also suffer from various diseases to reduce life.Some fat people will also be discriminated against and will be laughed at.If you think about it, it is better to be thin.And you who insist on fitness today will thank you for your efforts today.

The following is a well -known fitness method that recognizes very high fat burning efficiency, which can help you increase lung capacity and promote fat burning. Whether you want to lose weight or fitness, it is very suitable.

1. 1. skipping rope

The movement method of skipping has become a project that needs to be taken in the middle school entrance examination.Skipping rope is particularly good for some people with poor physical coordination.

The calorie consumed by the skipping rope is about 1,000. It can increase its heart rate and quickly reach the state of fat burning. When running to lose weight, the pain of knee and ankle joint pain will be avoided, but the skipping rope can be avoided.It is recommended that novices can be 1 minute from each group, for 1 minute, and more than 10 consecutive groups. The fat burning efficiency is very high.

2. Swimming

Swimming is the same as skipping rope. You can choose skipping or swimming when you are in the middle school entrance examination.Swimming is a sport that many people like. When swimming, the resistance of the arm is needed to break the water, which will exercise to the limbs, but it can avoid joint wear. It is a weight loss fitness exercise suitable for people with large weight.

Both the breaststroke and freestyle are the best way for beginners. When beginners continue to slide their limbs, they can't take an hour, their arms and legs will be very sore.EssenceEach swimming time is 40 minutes.

Three, long -distance running

Long-distance running is a project that must be taken in the middle school entrance examination. Long-distance running is aerobic exercise. It can consume 550-650 calories in 1 hour, which can improve our respiratory system and heart pump blood function.

Long -distance running is a movement that can be persisted with a very firm will. It may be difficult for novices to complete 1 kilometer training, but after persistence, you can gradually exceed 2 kilometers and 3 kilometers after 1 month.question.Long -distance running is a great role that can hone people's will and overcome difficulties, and will also be important in life.

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