Reform and innovation in overcoming difficult reforms and innovation for high -quality development

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  On the morning of December 4,最新新闻 Wang Tao, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the first secretary of the Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee, went to the Economic Development Zone to conduct investigations and research.Liu Zhi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Xu Jiefeng, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone.

  Wang Tao inspected Hengli Industrial Automotive Parts Innovation Industrial Base, Liandong U Valley, Hunan Kaidi Technology Headquarters and other industrial projects.Report work.

  Wang Tao pointed out that at present, the Economic Development Zone is in a critical period of climbing and overlap. We must ensure that the mind is "not landscape", insist on overcome difficulties by himself, and show the level of ability through unremitting efforts, highlight the actual responsibility, and enhance your own image.It is necessary to ensure the "continuous chain" of funds, strengthen funding guarantee, fiscal and taxation income, capital operation, reform of state -owned enterprise, and people's livelihood guarantee, and to "three guarantees" bottom lines and strictly prevent and control the risk of debt.It is necessary to ensure that the bottom line is "no accident", resolutely carry political responsibility, strictly implement the party and government responsibilities, and effectively grasp the bottom lines of safety production, petitions to maintain stability, ecological environmental protection, and people's livelihood security to protect the peace of the peace.

  How to plan next year?Wang Tao emphasized that we must unify their thinking and boost the spirit.Unify the mind to the deployment requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, unify the self -reflection, self -revolution, and surround the "what kind of spirit need?" "How should you develop?"In -depth activities of "big discussion, big reflection" activities, and seeking work and opening a good game for next year.To overcome difficulties, reform and innovation.Focus on key tasks such as project construction, capital activation, institutional mechanism, leaving problems, and urban management.Recently, we must carry out major research activities around the two themes of industrial development and deepening reform; set up special classes for historical issues, make clear the situation, clear ideas, clear the plan, establish a sound mechanism, and steadily solve the problem.Strictly manage and change the style.Adhere to strict management, optimize the supervision and evaluation mechanism, accurately and finely blame the accountability of accountability, stimulate the responsibility and enthusiasm of party members and cadres and officers, and strive to create a political ecology of the ups and downs.Elimination.

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