2023 China -ASEAN International Sports Dance Invitational Tournament started in Nanning

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  Nanning Cloud -Nanning Evening News (Reporter Wei Qiu) On December 9th,一刻资讯 2023 "Dancing Greentown Hugging the Future" Asian Sports Dance Culture and Art Exhibition in 2023, 2023 China -ASEAN International Sports Dance Invitational Tournament opened in Guangxi Stadium, more than 1500The famous players took turns to appear in turn to dance in competition, communicate with dance, and pass love by dance.

  It is reported that in 2023, there are 87 groups including China -ASEAN International Sports Dance Invitational Tournament. 95 domestic and foreign teams participated in 95 domestic and foreign teams.Excellent players are competing with Chinese players.In terms of referee composition, 50 referees including 10 international and national referees are jointly served as the competition referee, and the winners of each group are selected by the most professional vision and criteria.During the competition, the players made their group appearances and dancing each other. With the cooperation of cool lights, they vividly showed the characteristics of sports dance fashion, passion, vitality, and unrestrained audiovisual feast.

  "This competition has gathered many high -level players. For Guangxi players, I am fortunate to be able to participate in such a large sports dance competition at their doorsteps. I hope our players can play the level and have the same state as outstanding players from various countries.Taiwan Competition and Exchange. "Liu Xinchen, a dance teacher of the Guangxi Academy of Arts, who led the team, said.

  According to reports, sports dance is a high degree of public participation. It not only has the competitiveness of the competition and the promotion of the mass group movement, but also has the ornamental of sports art projects.Nanning has a deep foundation for sports dance competitions and has held many international sports dance competitions, and has established a platform for dance exchanges for China and ASEAN countries and even countries around the world.This event has the characteristics of large scale, wide crowd span, many participating countries, long running time, and deep impact of the event.Essence

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